Can you get transfer portals inside the conference!

I thought I read on here where you couldn’t but a friend of mine said Ole Miss just got a guy from LSU and Bama was looking at a guy from Georgia… We got Jeffcoat from Missouri and Singletary from I must have heard wrong.

If you entered your name into the portal in the early portal window, you can transfer within the conference. If you entered in this window, April 15, you can’t.

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Oh ok that’s probably where I heard it.thanks

I thought you could transfer within the conference this portal window, but the old rule of sitting out a year would apply.

Correct, I thought we were talking about immediate eligibility. You don’t figure SEC guys want to sit another year.

Enter portal before Jan 18 can have immediate eligibility. Later than that sir a year.
SEC new rules.

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Like that rule.

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