Can we win the West in baseball?

If we sweep A+M, MSU beats LSU the last 2 games…We win, right?

That’s correct. But one more LSU win or an Arkansas loss ends that chance.

I’m hoping that the Aggies protect their pitching for the tourney next week and the Hogs get an easier chance at a sweep. Today’s games in Starkville and College Station are really important and if the Hogs win and LSU loses, tomorrow’s games in those locales are even bigger.

Ags have an incentive to win. Right now they’re the sixth seed at Hoover, but two losses could drop them to the 8 seed behind Auburn and Vandy, maybe even the 9 behind Ole Miss (OM has the tiebreaker). That could mean the difference between playing Georgia on Tuesday in a one-and-done game and playing Ole Miss again.

Texas A&M also needs some wins to helps its NCAA Tournament seeding. The Aggies are on the cusp of being a No. 3 seed, which can mean a trip to just about anywhere. No. 2 seeds can be sent a long ways, too, but are typically kept a little closer to home.

I expect we’ll get the best the Aggies can provide. I think it’s a bit optimistic to expect a sweep, but the win last night was big. Friday night wins, especially on the road, always seem big because you generally face the opponents’ best pitching. One could argue they’re facing our best, too, and certainly Stephan has pitched awfully well lately, but the main reason we’ve started with Stephan instead of Knight the last two series is the way the Tenn series played out.

I like our odds with Knight on the mound against the pitcher I assume is the Ag’s #2 starter. Now this guy tonight might be the equivalent of that Vandy pitcher we saw in the 2nd game against the ‘dores, but I doubt it. From what I could tell we faced the Aggies’ best start & their best relief pitcher last night. Both threw too much to be available tonight or tomorrow.

While we haven’t had a reliable Sunday starter, Taccolini sure pitched well last week. Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems to me the BP is getting a bit better lately. With a little luck, I won’t rule out a sweep, but right now I’d take a 2-1 series & go home happy. I also think I’m still pulling for LSU to win its series. I’m not sure it’s as important to win the west as it is to stay ahead of MSU for that 4th spot in Hoover.

I would be delighted with a series win. That 4th spot in Hoover is VERY important since it means that we would not play on Tuesday.

Win tonight and the Leghumpers lose, and we clinch at least the 4 spot. Could get the third if we sweep and either Florida or the Jellycats lose both tonight and tomorrow. Could even get the 2 if LSU loses twice, UF or UK lose twice and we sweep.

Right now we are behind the 8 ball. LSU is winning and we are losing. Tomorrow’s game might just come down to how we seed if things don’t change in a hurry.

Well it is simple. If we win today (or if Miss State loses), we are the 4 seed and get Tuesday off. If we lose and MSU wins we are the 5 seed and have to play on Tuesday. Plus if we lose today, I think our chances of hosting are pretty much gone.