Can we win at least 1 at Aub

Can we win one at Vandy?

We might find ourselves at 6-8 in two weeks unless we improve dramatically. At least Campbell gives us a chance.

There aren’t many sweeps in the SEC. It’s just tough to do. I’m as guilty as anyone of suffering through a tough weekend when we can’t throw strikes or put together big innings of looking ahead and worrying about a catastrophe, but usually these series come down to a play or 2 here or there.

If Nesbit’s HBP had been called with just a bit of common sense, we might be lamenting the fact we weren’t able to complete a sweep today.

I will be really surprised if we don’t scratch out some wins during this tough stretch.

The same thing happened last year and DVH got the team going. Don’t worry too much about it. It’s another series and maybe Campbell and Scroggins can both get wins in their start. I don’t know what the solution for the other stater is yet! Kopps sure lost it quick coming back 2 games in a row for the second innng of work and I felt pretty good with him on the mound.
The missing piece may be the pitcher that had Tommy John surgery. (Bonnin or Bolden). One of those transferred to Texas Tech and the other one had surgery.
It would have been nice if Rutledge was still on the team he hit 100mph over the weekend and he’s throwing stikes.
I just hope they get it going I hated to give game 2 away to Ole Miss and I also hate the way we lost game 3!

I think we take the remaining series this year (ALL of them!)