Can we win a series from LSU?

Will they find a way to play their best series of the year? We always bring out the best in them.

We most certainly CAN! but haven’t in awhile they seem to make every play at the right time or in a lot cases we make the wrong play at the wrong time…i want to beat them so bad but LSU and Ole Miss have had our # hopefully we start a new trend Thursday!They are not that great on the mound this yr and don’t hit for power like usual but still they have enough of both to beat us unless we play out very best

One thing to remember is that Arkansas always plays LSU toward the end of the season, so it’s typically a pretty good team by then.

This is the first time in a while that I think Arkansas has a good chance to win the series. The Razorbacks are hard to beat at home and LSU hasn’t been good on the road.

LSU is short of lefty pitching. It’s well documented that we hit right handlers better than lefties.

The hogs can beat LSU. The patience at the plate by our hogs will decide the outcome! Just out score them! I’d take the series win now and settle for a 2-1 weekend and forget it! I hope the rain stays away!

Sweeping LSU would sure get the bad taste out of my mouth for losing that last game against KY. (Anything but a DP on that last at bat & we’d have won the game. I’m convinced of that.)

LSU pulled one of their rabbits out of the hat against Ole Miss by hitting back to back to back home runs in the ninth to tied it and go extra innings but OM won in the tenth… I think we pound them to take the series.