Can we watch LaTech if no Cox cable?

I’ve gotten spoiled to getting the hogs on TV or streaming.

And do both the baseball & basketball games start at 7:00 pm? I hope not.

If you subscribe to ESPN+ (for $5.99/month) you can get it on the ESPN app…assuming you have access to that app already (because you get ESPN from a cable or satellite provider). You can cancel (or, put your account dormant) at any time.

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I don’t think for this game you will have to have a “Cable provider” as the game is not on one of the ESPN networks and can just have the ESPN+ app.

Right, the game is not available on the ESPN app unless you pay for ESPN+. The only cable provider carrying the game is Cox.

Perhaps it’s because I do and have had ESPN “forever”, but the only avenue I see to ESPN+ is through the same portal I use to access what used to be called “WatchESPN”. Used to be you only could access that if you had ESPN through a provider…you had to provide your provider login credentials to use it. But with the advent of ESPN+ and discarding WatchESPN in favor of the ESPN app, apparently it is the case that you can access ESPN+ programming - assuming you have paid for that “privilege” - directly from the ESPN app as well.

On a somewhat related note, I wonder how many have access to ESPN+ that do not also have “regular” ESPN access? Doesn’t really matter…just curious.

Yes Dave, you use the ESPN app to view ESPN+, as well as any other video offered by your cable/internet TV provider. What I wonder is, do those who pay for ESPN+ and get their programming using an antenna have access to all ESPN programming?

I could watch all Hog baseball games on espn+ last year unless they were on one of the ESPN networks. If they were, when I tried to watch it would tell me it was unavailable as I was not paying for a service that included any of the ESPN networks. Fortunately there wasn’t many. I could definitely be wrong but I think you can watch a lot of ESPN programming on ESPN+ except for live or on demand games and shows that aired on any of the networks live. Since a cable provider, Cox, is providing the game they may consider that as “Having to have a service where you are paying for ESPN”.

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