Can we talk special teams again?

We are all proud of how our coaches are getting our current roster to play. And we know the bad call that cost the game.

But how many procedure penalties did we have on special teams?

And can we not have our best blockers in on a goal line punt?

Take away that special teams blocked punt for TD and we win that game - regardless of the bad call at the end.

What I find frustrating is the fact that many teams line up their tackles at least a yard off the LOS on regular downs. No call. The calls on our special teams is questionable at the least.

yeah, that was pretty bad. “Chad-Morris like”, if you will. and that’s the biggest coaching insult I know to give, lol


Totally agree, without the special teams mistakes we would have won the game and the bad officiating throughout the game would have been overcome.
CSP had better put his new Special teams coach on notice today that he gets things cleaned up or he will be cleaning out his desk soon.

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