Can we revisit this Isaiah Simmons thing

Can we revisit this Isaiah Simmons thing? I know it was a recruiting botch. I’m not angry I’m just mad. With the draft going on this week can we just consider him a Razorback? He is seriously the best Razorback since Darren McFadden. I’m gonna look forward to the pseudo-Hog doing us proud.

Still would find it funny if he still wound up playing for Bert with the Giants…

Ironic might be better word.

What’s the story on Isaiah Simmons? Apparently, I missed something.

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Perfect example of Bret’s completely horrific ability to evaluate talent

Arkansas was his “dream school quote. However we did not know how we were going to use him therefore we did not offer him a scholarship.


If I remember correctly, both DD and RD had him ranked number 1 at the completion of their UA summer camp. Ran a crazy 40 and stood about 6-3. A physical freak who won the DNA lottery. High motor. He and his dad had UA as their number one pick. However, for reasons unknown to me CBB failed to offer him a scholarship. He went to Clemson and the rest is history.


Isaiah Simmons came to an Arkansas camp. 6’3 230lbs and ran a 4.3.

Sam Pittman takes Isaiah up to meet Bert in his office. Isaiah tells Bert, he’ll commit on the spot if Bert offers. Bert decides not to do that, because and I quote, “I’m not sure what to do with him.”

I wouldn’t be shocked if that’s when Sam Pittman decided to leave right then and there.

I have never detested a HC more; flat out killed the program. I even preferred the “Let’s try him at TE” coach.

That is a mind boggling story. Coach Money 4 Nuthin certainly did leave us in dire straights.

This pretty much covers it:

Dudley -
Can you confirm the 4.37 40 time? Just interesting because one of the recruiting services I looked at had his 40 at 4.75.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t have loved it if Isaiah had come to Fayetteville. I will say that I think this is more a testament to his hard work and effort than perhaps his ability. His offers before Clemson came calling were similar to another safety we recruited in that class, Deion Edwards. And the schools that were bigger names (Michigan and Nebraska) wanted him to play offense, so they sort of missed the evaluation as well. I believe Mizzou was his only SEC offer.

Congrats to Isaiah, and I believe everything worked out for him as it should have.

I’d say he confirmed it himself at the Combine when he ran a 4.39. You’re not normally going to get 0.36 faster in the 40 in college.

Should’ve been second in Heisman voting IMO. Could play at all 3 levels in college

Yes. He ran a 4.37 at camp.

As I have said many times, I would have figured out where to play him later and would have offered him on the spot.

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Tidbits from the camp. He’s on down.

Post camp tidbits-

If I’m recalling right, Robb Smith wasn’t sold on him. I quit reporting on him after I heard they weren’t interested. He definitely passed the eye yest.

Have wondered if Bert & Long were purposely trying to undercut UfoA football or just grossly inept & asleep at the wheel. At least Bert could blame it on Tito. Hopefully his buyout has permanently ceased.

You can blame Bret but man Chad took it to another level. No way Arkansas should’ve won a total of four games the past two years.


Hopefully we won’t ever have a worse back to back hiring of coaches. Two of the most incompetent “coaches” of my generation for sure.

God I hope Pittman can be a good hire, or I truly think we won’t ever recover from it.

Bret had some very good wins and appeared be going in the right direction. The last two games of his next to last season definitely created doubt and that grew during the last.