Can we put together a run game against A&M?

Sure seems like a good week for us to find a running game.

But A&M D line looks pretty good.

Seems Boyd has been prone to some stutter step of late but maybe just function of lack of O line holes I’m not sure.

Hoping for some physical O line play for us to control the game on the ground some.

I believe we can. Each week this line gets more experence , more time working together, and more confidence. The running game will come together this season!GHG!

Going to be a challenge, they are good on the DL, would like to see us do more north south Run plays hit the hole quick blocks don’t have to be held as long.

I don’t see holding the Aggs to under 200 yards rushing. Can we keep them under 20 points; that’s my target.

We should be healthy, so hope we can get it going!

Unfortunately, I think A&M is a bad matchup for us. We don’t have the players that match up against a big physical OL and DL. (See Georgia) Throw in an experienced, talented QB and I afraid this is going to be a long day.

Love where we are going and this game won’t change my enthusiasm for what this team is doing.

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