Can we play Iowa instead?

Why not ?

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I doubt anyone can get ready on 2 days notice.

Read somewhere they had already sent their players home.

Iowa let everyone scatter after the Music City Bowl was canceled. No way to get them back and down there in two days.

I know I am repeating myself, but, there shoud be no bowls this year.
We should be interested in saving lives, not playing bowl games.

Our season is done. Players are headed home. Some are at airport going home. They will come back on Jan. 10 to begin offseason.

Hopefully the bowl practice yielded some benefit, even if the kids miss this opportunity.

A service academy may be able to

Army is in a bowl already. Air Force and Navy are on holiday leave; the Navy players went home after the Army game 2+ weeks ago and don’t start class until the 19th. Air Force, the best I can tell, starts class on the 7th.

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Cannot speak for fan control, but it would seem the athletes, especially those motivated to play their games, would actually have a better safety/compliance mindset than the general college aged individual. So the cancel the bowls mantra seems more restrictive than necessary. My opinion may not be following the science, but then again a lot of the science seems to be pretty fluid.

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Sadly you are correct - on a normal basis they would be the quickest to respond

Thier game prep is the shortest in power 5 football because of classes snd other training

Actually I agree on the players being safer but the general public attend mass bar viewings of games, parties in schools etc. cause packed crowds which is the very worst thing for humans.

That’s a good point about people going to bars & parties to watch the games. However, I don’t think that’s a good reason to cancel the games. It is a good reason for governors to close bars, prohibit large gatherings and severely restrict attendance. As bad as things were in March & April, it’s much worse now—and now there’s a new super-contagious strain out there.

It’s too bad people won’t act responsibly. With vaccines here & the end of this on the horizon, one would think people would act more carefully. Instead, it looks like people are getting more careless. More than 3,000 per day are dying in this country, including some relatively young people (the congressman-elect from Louisiana was only 41). Even many survivors are having terrible consequences. Hospitals around the country are literally overflowing—including UAMS

What mantra? They’re just following the same protocols they have all season: If you don’t have 53 healthy players, you don’t play. It’s really not for public health purposes (the sick guys would have been left in Fort Worth), it’s for competitive purposes. If TCU has 50 healthy guys and we have 80, we’re going to grind them into the dirt in the second half. And their players are more likely to get injured in that scenario, so there is a player safety aspect, but it’s not because of COVID.

To dig down a little further, somebody said TCU had been particularly hard hit on the D-line, where the Big Twelve specifies they have to have at least three healthy interior linemen. Let’s say that’s true, that they had two DTs and that’s all. So they’re putting tight ends or offensive linemen on the DL to have enough bodies, or playing five linebackers, and they can’t sub those DTs much. So the two healthy guys are getting pummeled without much rest, and the guys who aren’t really DTs and don’t know what they’re doing are gonna get steamrolled. And a whole bunch of people will end up getting hurt,

Remember, the Missouri game was initially postponed because WE didn’t have 53 healthy players. But the SEC had enough schedule leeway to reschedule it a week later. Bowl game doesn’t have that luxury, Neither did the Big Ten with its late start, which is why tOSU has only played six games,

Not sure you followed the thread, it had nothing to do with TCU or any specific team or bowl, my response was to the generic “cancel the bowls” statement. Regardless, thanks for your point of view.

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