Can we now get unanimous consent...

… that Coach Broyles nailed it when he said, “you can’t run that offense in the SEC… without a running quataback”?

He was misquoted over and over of course, with the 2nd half of that statement omitted. LINK below to a story that quoted him:

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I think most agree that it takes a running quarterback. Stidham didn’t want to run. Better be a tough hombre, too.

Disagree. There are plenty of successful spread offenses that do not have running quarterbacks.

I don’t recall if Broyles was talking about the spread alone or the spread the way Malzahn ran it at Springdale. However, when it comes to what can & can’t be done in football or at some level of football, I can’t imagine anyone knowing more than Broyles. It’s certainly true the last part of that quote is omitted when certain people who edit sports for a large statewide paper like to make fun of it

I think what Malzahn runs requires a running quarterback for sure. He seems pretty stubborn and not tweaking his system to the talent he has. Stidham is a very good passer, just not used effectively IMO.

I agree Dog…Jarrett Stidham is a pro style quarterback who is a very good passer and throws a great deep ball. Gus, for whatever reason, just didn’t run an offense tailored for Stidham. I never understood why Stidham came to Auburn. Gus requires a running quarterback who can pass, like the Marshall guy. Stidham was never a run first guy.

That offense worked fine with Stidham in 2017. Auburn won the SEC West. The difference this year was that Auburn lost a lot of players on the line, in the backfield and at receiver.

Aub’s Oline regressed this year & so did Stidham, who is a good passer that Gus kept in check for a long time.

Put Stidham behind our Oline this year & he gets knocked around & possibly knocked out like ours did.
How much better would he have been than what we have?

Gus’s offense is really awesome when he has a QB like Cam Newton & good Oline, RB, & WR’s. Oh wow, is that all it takes?

Bret Bielema’s offense would have been great with personnel like that (he did OK with Russell Wilson at Wisconsin, remember). It’s the Jimmys and Joes, and we haven’t had them for the last two seasons.

Doghog…as I am sure you know…the spread is not an offense. Its a formation. And perhaps a philosophy. But…and again I am sure you’d agree…the difference between what Malzhan runs and what Mike Leech runs is enormous. The air raid doesn’t require a running QB nearly as much…because its not a heavy inside zone RPO offense.

Gus’ is. And so is Chad’s.

Broyles was totally correct in assessing Gus’ offense.