Can we now get the Venables story?

Or was it a non-story?

I know enough to just say he’s likely to stay a coordinator and stay at Clemson. Dabo is good for him. He’s in a great atmosphere now and is happy and is thankful for what he’s got.

nice compensation for a great DC in a stable setting with likely plum choices to come…

I am not sure plum choices are there for him. If he is to be a head coach, it might be at a lower level - or Clemson.

Sounds like there is a story here. A story that won’t be told on a message board, I assume.

I think Clemson is his plum of choice. Why not, it keeps him in his comfort zone.

Not really. I, and others, have posted this before: if a guy who’s been this highly regarded as a coordinator, for this long, and has had his name linked with as many other opportunities as Venables has, and still isn’t a head coach . . . that probably means he’s right where he needs to be (coordinator).

In other words, some of the very BEST football coaches are meant to be position or coordinators, but not necessarily a Head Coach. The HC position requires a set of skills not needed at the other coaching roles, especially at the D1 level - Ability to handle the press obligations; personality to command the respect of all the other coaches (as a HEAD coach); organizational skills; speaking at Razorback Club meetings, etc. Again, if a coach doesn’t necessarily have all of those traits, he can still be an outstanding assistant coach. And the other thing is, he will be MUCH happier in that role than he would be failing as a Head Coach.

FWIW, I’m 95% sure Venables was never in play for this position. Sure, CCM would have entertained and probably jumped at the idea to work with his old co-coordinator if CBV was truly on the market/available. But there’s no reason to think that he was. He’s among the best in the business, doing great things at a program that’s just recently moved into “elite” status. And being paid accordingly. WHY would he want to make a move that was lateral in the most optimistic characterization? Answer - he wasn’t.

Arkansas fans just ran with their own interpretation of CCM’s comment about bringing “the best Defensive Coordinator in America” to join him, and off they went. Anyone who knows anything about coachspeak knows that phrase can mean whatever the coach that utters it wants it to mean.

I’m going to be honest Wiz. I only read the first two sentences of your post, but I think you’re wrong.

It’s hard to keep from LITERALLY “laughing out loud” at “responses” like this. On so many levels. Bottom line - if you can’t be bothered to finish reading a post - don’t waste our time by responding to it!

First off, there’s the concept that it apparently was too “taxing” on you to spend the 30 seconds or so it would have taken to read the entire post.

Beyond that, there’s the “I think you’re wrong”.

OK - wrong about WHAT? Even in the 2 paragraphs you “bravely” powered through to completion, there were several points made. Which do you disagree with?

That some coaches are meant to be assistants, not Head coaches? That when a coach has had his name associated with as many Head coaching opportunities as CBV has, and is still an assistant, it’s probably a sign most of his peers see him as one of those guys? Or, that when someone IS “one of those guys”, he ultimately will be happier in an assistant or coordinator role than he would be as a Head Coach? Or, do you disagree with ALL of those statements?

In any of the above cases, do you have anything of substance to bring to the discussion beyond simply “I didn’t finish reading your post, but I disagree”?


If Brent Venables really wanted to be a head coach somewhere, he could have been by now. Heck, he probably could have gotten an HC job before he left Oklahoma for that “lateral” move to Clemson. Which I’m sure drives his agent nuts. The agent is gonna get his 4% regardless, but 4% of what Chad Morris is making is a lot more than 4% of what Brent Venables is making.

Hasn"t Ventables interviewed twice for the head coach here in the past?

I think it was just rumors.

Only read your first sentence this time. Glad I could make you laugh.

Too bad that you can’t follow instructions. Troll.

Nope - it’s true. Dudley confirmed he interviewed in 2008 and Venables said himself in an article published a couple of years ago that he interviewed again for the job in 2012.

I perceive the general population (me included) would simply be satisfied, comfortable & content in doing a job that you enjoyed and were successful at at say 1 mil a yr. rather than taking risk factors like (1) would I enjoy that job like I enjoy this one I have now (2) would I be as successful as HC (3) do I want & can I handle ALL the additional stress that’s going to come with this new adventure(4) will it be worth the time spent away from my family. If he’s done an evaluation similar to what I laid out, he very well may have came to an easy & quick decision. BESIDES, IT’S ALL WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE NOW, ANYWAY. GHG!