Can we hold off Ms State and win the division

That means they are 13-2 against everybody else and are not facing anybody as close to being good as us and Vandy the next 3 series,I see them going 8-1 or 9-0,if we go 7-2 they have to go 9-0 because we have the tiebreaker.
We just have to play real focused Baseball every game which we have not always done,no way should we have lost to Auburn,Tamu,SC and LSU but for some reason we either don’t hit or pitch well some games.We can do it because 6 are at home and we can beat Tenn 2/3.

Yet we still only lead them by a game. We need one sweep and 2 out of 3 the final 3 series to win the SEC.

Maybe. Maybe not. Moo U has six road games left at decent teams (Bama and SoCar are both 11-10 in conference, and both beat us). Lose a couple of those and our path gets much easier.

yes they can lose a couple for sure.Aggies gave them the 2nd game last week when they blew a 7-3 lead late. We just have to go 7-2 to make them run the table and we are capable of doing that.

A sweep plus 2 of each of the final three series will almost definitely win us the SEC-that’s 7 wins–I doubt we have to win that many to do so. We should win it if we win 6 of 9. Could win it if we win 5 of 9 if tie breakers go in our favor.

Wiz has a good point about losing to TN. That’d give them the tie breaker over us & assuming other things are equal splitting 1-2 in Knoxville ties us with them. TN is probably as likely to sweep MU as we are to sweep UGA (UGA is better than MU, but TN plays MU on the road.)

I don’t think Vandy sweeps OM in Oxford. Could lose that series, but I don’t think so.

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