Can we hold off Ms State and win the division

We can but we have our work cut out for us. We have a one-game lead nine games to go but we have a much tougher schedule than they do. We play Georgia Tennessee and Florida and they play South Carolina Missouri and Alabama.

I can’t see them losing more than one game and would not be surprised that they swept all 3 putting them 23-7 so i think we may have win 8/9 to win it. That’s going to be tough to do especially playing at Tennessee and ending up with a very dangerous Florida team. we’ve kind of done this to ourselves by losing to teams like Auburn, Texas A&M, South Carolina,and LSU.

We really have no 3rd starter and that has been our problem but regardless if we win the division or not I am incredibly proud of this team considering our road schedule is the hardest I’ve ever seen.

At this point of the season, it’s about securing one of the Top 8 national seeds. I’m sure Coach Van Horn and the Razorbacks would love to win the conference, but finishing with a 20-10 record would mean (in all likelihood) a clinch of one of those spots. If MS State wins out, they may jump in front of us along with a couple others. But no way this team goes from 1 to 9 or below at this point.

I say just keep arms healthy, get players good reps, get maybe a couple more relievers some good innings (Wiggins, Morris, Vermillion), and look forward to hosting Regionals and Supers.

Someone emerging as a dependable third starter would be nice.

It will be tough, because we have only swept one series in SEC play this year (MSU) while they have three sweeps against weaker teams in Auburn, Kentucky and TAMU. They have dominated weak teams while we have had a tendency to play down to our level in SEC play.

MSU also has the weaker East schedule this year as they miss Tennessee, Florida and Georgia while we miss Vandy, Kentucky and Missouri.

With the tiebreaker, it’s a two-game lead. You will be the top seed from West if it’s a tie.

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Exactly i see us going 7-2 which will require them to sweep all 9 to win it…

Moo U is not that good. They are not going to run the table.

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6 of MSU’s last 9 are on the road.

6 of our last 9 are at home.

Given the fact that we have a 1 game lead and the tie breaker over MSU, I’d bet on the Hogs winning the division.

It will be interesting.

We really need to sneak in a sweep in one of these 3 series. State has 3 sweeps this year.

Mississippi State plays South Carolina next weekend in Columbia. Carolina’s back is against the wall a little bit after losing five of six against Arkansas and Ole Miss. It’ll be interesting to see how that series plays out. I think Mississippi State and South Carolina look like similar teams — good pitching, but spotty at the plate.

State also got swept. By us.

I think there’s a very good chance we sweep UGA. Even if we go 1-2 at TN and win 2-1 at home against Fl, that’s 21-9 and going to be hard for anyone but Vandy to exceed. We get the same result splitting the remaining series 2-1 each. I don’t think we will be swept by TN, but I think there’s a good chance we win that series. Regardless, we only have to win 5 of the remaining 9 games to get to 20-10. I don’t see MSU doing better than that. Tying it, maybe.

We still seem like the best team in the SEC to me. TN has surprised me, but I still think we’d win more than we lost against them on a neutral field. I give them a very slight advantage by catching us at their place.

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I agree, but I believe that we need to sweep GA this coming weekend. Getting a series win at Tenn is going to be tough, and then we should have a better chance to win the series at home against FL.
But I think sweeping GA is going to be a big key series.

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Don’t see State sweeping South Carolina nor ‘Bama on the road. Tough to sweep. Tougher away from home. I can see them finishing 7-2, however.

Alabama might be a desperate team that final series against MSU. The Tide play @Vandy then @LSU next, then home for MSU. Alabama might need to win 1 or 2 games that final weekend to make the NCAAT. Could work in the Hogs’ favor.

But, yes… Hogs can hold off MSU and win the division. Perhaps the overall SEC title.

Remaining schedules:

Hogs – Georgia, @ EOE, Wallets.
Vandy – Bama, @ Rebnecks, KY
EOE-- @ Misery, Hogs, @ Poultry.
Moo U – @ Poultry, Misery, @ Bama

Interesting that those three teams will have so much to do with the final standings. Misery is fighting to get to Hoover (three-way tie for 12th). Bama and Chickens are both 11-10. If they both continue .500 ball in those series it will help us greatly.

@Ole Miss looking like a tough venue for Vandy

Arkansas is so good, we’re capable of beating anyone in the country and believe we take 2 of 3 from Tenn. There are times (and all great teams have to deal with this), the team just expects to win and loses a little focus. We score 17 on LSU in the first game of the DH and score 4 in the next. They were not hitting against Nolan Ryan, but total focus is required at the SEC level. Why is it we usually beat the other team’s ace, but more often lose to the third starter? When the stakes are highest, this team will perform. Now winning the SEC would be special, but it’s not the end goal.

MSU’s record against the first place teams in each division: 1-5

Don’t forget, if we lose 2 of 3 at Tenn, we may be on the wrong side of a tie-breaker with the Vols. They’re only one game behind us now.

That is the key series for us down the stretch. If we can win the Knoxville series, I think we’ll bring the title home. If not, our chances diminish…but it’s not hopeless. EVERYONE has tough games left…and any road game, in particular, in the SEC is a “loseable” game.

We need to all be USC fans over the last three weeks

But mostly we need to be us. There is not any game against anybody that we should not be favored