Can we have the best offense in the SEC next year...........

…we return a senior QB, the top RB in the SEC and a very good backup, and we only lose one in the offensive line. Plus, there are some prospects of huge improvement in several of the returning starters in the O-line. (I am thinking Froholdte and Gibson might be very good at guards.) We have the top rated center in the nation. We have the top rated JC wideout and tight end being added to our receivers. We hear there is elite potential in Jones, Pettway, and Hammond to shore up our depleted receiver group. Each year Enos has been brilliant designing and calling plays and, with this talent, his playbook is wide open. This can be a scary good offense, one of if not THE best in the SEC. Throw in an average SEC defense and we might have a really good season. JMVVVVHO.

IMHO, we have a shot if we don’t lose both AA and Ragnow to season ending injuries early in the season. It would hurt our offense to lose RWIII or DW, but I think we would still be a very good offense so long as one of them stays completely healthy through the season. Lose both RWIII and DW along with AA and Frank and we might not be a .500 team.

I like the optimism for sure. Maybe it is me regressing to my psychological “safe place” or I’ve been following this team for too many years, but I’m not as confident in our OL. I think they will be better and if they turn out to be dominant then I’ll be doing cartwheels down the hallway. The lack of experience at WR is probably going to cause us problems. But I do like our RB corps and I think AA will be on the next level in terms of capability, including doing a better job of checking into better plays at the LOS.

I know your post was about the offense, but I’m concerned for any steps forward on offense we are going to suffer some steps back on D. I just think the newness of the scheme plus turnover with both the players and coaching are going to cause issues. Again, I hope I’m wrong and in that case will be a very happy man in the fall. I’ve just learned the hard way to keep that ‘hope thing’ in check when it comes to razorback football.

I think your right on… I was at the Belk Bowl and after the game, vowed not to believe any preseason hype until I see the team actually play games in September.

No one can set expectations based on injuries because we can never know what will happen, but based on a relative injury free year, the offense should be very good. It’s all going to be predicated on how well the offensive line jells and how quickly the young wide receivers advance. But, sadly, the offense may have to be the best in the league if the defense doesn’t improve, and a little improvement isn’t going to be enough. That said, I thought the defense played well until the offense turned the ball over and gave VaTech a short field. Of course, they should have stepped up, but when it started to go wrong, it went wrong fast.

No doubt, the key is in the offensive line. One of the big keys will be left tackle. That’s where Colton Jackson is starting. I think that spot will hold the key to a lot of things on offense.

Agree 100%