Can we give Muss a raise yet?

This might be the most excited I’ve been about the future of Razorback basketball in 20 years.

And ok, I admit a lot of that has to do with the videos they tweet.

Here are a couple of recent ones I really enjoyed.

Muss mic’d Up

Barnhill ballers

I’m excited too.

I guess it’s a difference in personalities, but I love all the videos and tweets and the recruiting information that has been coming out. Hopefully, all this will lead to more wins, better players, and more people standing and yelling during games.

It’s also refreshing to me to see the instructions and teaching in the practice video. I hate if this sounds too negative about the past coach, but what little video I did see consisted mainly of yelling ‘move’ . I’d guess there was more, but who knows?

Fingers :crossed_fingers: for the future.

While I am excited too, let’s see how the next few seasons go first.

Like him a lot. Excited.

Greg - this is a thread about irrationally high optimism.

Come on in, the water is fine.

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I’m with you. Ecstatic about the hire.

If we fire CMA we’ll never be able to get anyone better they said…

No guarantee he is better yet.

Agreed, but I’m optimistic we have upgraded in a major way. Pardon my optimism.

A) “They” didn’t say that.

B) We don’t know how it will turn out. I’m fine with being optimistic. I tend to support the coaches until it’s clear they can’t get it done. I like the hire on paper. And I like that he’s a basketball junkie. Let’s see how he does. I think this is a possible NCAAT team. That would be a nice start.

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I see a return to glory…w Bud Walton rockin’ every game. I also saw 6 wins in football this year…I dream big. :sunglasses:

And some of y’all will be ready to fire him if he doesn’t win ______ games in his first year. (You fill in the blank.)

30 minimum

Not sure who you’re talking about. Program underachieved for years under the previous coach and the calls for his head were slow coming IMO

I’m excited - let’s make him coach for life!