Can We Get A List Of Recruits

For 2018 football that we’ve offered? Maybe under the recruiting drop down above? Would be nice to see a list of all our offers in one place with their high school, measurables & other offers. Thanks.

I doubt that happens here just because it would require a lot of work. Just go to any of the recruiting sites and you can find that info on Arkansas’s page.

I think it should happen. We pay for this information, and we had it before the change. A change that was not mentioned before it was done. Paying customers should have input.

One other thing, this board is owned by the group that insists on calling us the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Things have indeed changed.

and I for one will not renew
because of the very reason

Can always go here: … 1681292623

When my money that I’ve paid runs out they can have this board right along with their sorry xxx paper!

And surprise, no one has addressed this issue yet. The value of “Whole Hog Sports” is no where near that of “Hawgsillustrated”. I would have at least thought a moderator would have addressed this issue in a couple of days. But yes, they made the switch without regard to the paying customer.

I sticked a list at the top. I will try and add others below as they come in.