Can we get a depth chart posted...please

Wondering what the team is looking like depth wise

From reading the first week’s practice reports, I think the first team is pretty set except for a couple of positions. The 2d and 3rd are a bit more fluid to me, particularly with the newcomers. The scrimmage tomorrow will do a lot to sort this out. I don’t really expect a depth chart from the coaches until maybe as late as game week. I do believe QB will be sorted out soon. It’s nice to continue the competition, but it’s time to fish or cut bait. The starter needs to fine tune with the first team.

Saturday’s practice will tell a lot on the depth chart. I would look for it early next week.

I’m waiting until after the scrimmage to put together the depth chart for the scouting report in our next magazine issue.

Thanks gentlemen for the reply

as he did yesterday for the defense in the first 20 minutes that was open to the media.

Randy Ramsey was held out of this, but obviously would have been a first-team DE.

1st DL: Gabe Richardson, Armon Watts, T.J. Smith, Michael Taylor
1st LB: Scoota Harris, Dre Greenlaw
1st Nickel: D’Vone McClure
1st DBs: Ryan Pulley, Chevin Calloway at corner; Santos Ramirez, Kamren Curl at safety

2nd DL: Dorian Gerald, Sosa Agim, Jonathan Marshall, Jamario Bell
2nd LB: Grant Morgan, Bumper Pool
2nd Nickel: Nate Dalton
2nd DBs: Jarques McClellion, Montaric Brown at corner; Joe Foucha, Myles Mason at safety

3rd DL: Nick Fulwider, David Porter, Isaiah Nichols, Damani Carter
3rd LB: Giovanni LaFrance, Kyrei Fisher
3rd Nickel: Derrick Munson
3rd DBs: Ladarrius Bishop, Nathan Parodi at corner; Micahh Smith, Ryder Lucas at safety

Interesting to me that Sosa isn’t running with the first team. I could see him wreaking some havoc as a reserve on tired OLs though.

I think it is kind of like having the freshmen QBs run with the 1s and 2s, it’s just an early camp practice where you give others a chance to flash and be evaluated with the “ones” from other parts of the offense/defense.

On the DL I would think we will be rotating guys in and out a lot, especially in conference games, to try to keep fresh guys in there, so if you could measure game plays that would be a truer measure of who they think are their best.

Not having Sosa listed as a starter speaks more to the overall depth on the defensive line than anything else. We know that he will be playing inside and outside depending on the need. To infer that he is not a starter is utter foolishness. Hiring The Chief may ultimately prove to be one of the most significant moves in the last half century of Razorback history. Top ten easily. We shall see.Exciting times, if we’re just a bit patient.

That’s not the starters.

It’s how they lined up that day for those drills.

Randy Ramsey not in there and y’all know full well Sosa and Ramsey are starting.

Anybody injured today ?

Morris said there were no major injuries. He said Michael Taylor had to leave practice because of cramps.

Thanks, Matt