Can we get a comment from Corliss on our new coach?

Wasn’t Corliss his assistant in Sacramento?

Will one of you reporters call Corliss and get his opinion on CEM? If it has been done already, I missed it.

Yes, eventually.

or maybe, ask Arlando Cook about him as far as his recruiting pitch and why he decommitted from Nevada and eventually chose the Hogs.

Simple swinesong SEC and Arkansas or Nevada. Exposure for a kid who thought he could play pro ball.

Maybe so but, he had decommitted from Nevada long before his Hog commit. Would still like an inside view on Musselman’s recruiting. Cook would be a cool source.

Probably true. Where is Cook?

I think he’s overseas

I don’t do twitter but I was able to copy and paste this tweet from Cook:

Great coach, even better person. Short with high energy haha. Decomitted from him to play with Razorbacks now he is a Razorback. Welcome to the family Coach Muss @EricPMusselman #WeHOGS

1 day

Thanks swinesong!

You’re welcome. I’m really getting more and more excited about our new Coach!