Can we enter stadium to For Those About To Rock?

Or something cool like that.

Night game house lights dim and all you see is camera of team going into tunnel

Envision: 30 seconds of For Those About to Rock opening

Montage of snow falling on Ole Main and then great moments in Razorback football history against opening music bed of song

80k going nuts and then team runs through the A.

Please consider, Hunter

At least in my dream sequence

Let’s beat Auburn. It’s fun being relevant program again

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Interesting idea. Enter Sandman at VTech is definitely one of the great entrances with 66K jumping around. Not sure the PTB would go for it, given all the years of playing the fight song while running through the A, but I think it would be cool.

The DJ in that Texas game did a great job. I have no complaints with game music and presentation. Awesome.


For the past couple of years (maybe longer) Arkansas has entered the stadium to “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath, then the fight song plays as they run through the band.


The music, in this case, for those about to Rock would end as players run through the A to the fight song.

Intent would be for the build up of about :30 to :45 second as players go through tunnel while video captures them coming out of locker room -

Would be ominous and stadium would rock

My dream sequence anyway ha

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Another lame idea. Quit imitating what others do. Or, here’s a thought - recognize the unique qualities of our own situation and maximize those. Maybe park the “A” in the NEZ and immediately start the video intro and team entrance vs. a 5-minute wait with the energy of the “A” diminishing.

WarPigs works

Right name. Wrong music.

“For those about to rock” is a much, much better alternative.

People forget…it’s NOT about if you, I or someone else “like” the song. I like a zillion songs that would be absolutely terrible choices for a song to be played moments before a football team enters their home stadium. And it’s not about the title of the song so much as it is the rhythm of the song…it needs to be something that everyone can get into clapping immediately…setting a vibe for the team to come out into.

“Enter Sandman” isn’t a “war song”, pe se…but it’s a perfect “come on crowd…let’s vibe together and get ready for the team to come out” song.

I’ve thought about this off and on for years now, but never heard that one song to suggest…unless it had already been taken (Enter Sandman, Hells Bells, Back in Black). Never thought about “For those about to Rock”, but it has some real potential. I could see the crowd reacting to and then clapping along to it for 30 seconds or so before the team comes out and the fight song kicks in.


Enter Sandman works because it builds to a crescendo which is when the Hokies come out. War Pigs does too, kinda, but not to that extent.

Nope, WarPigs.

EXACTLY. This is the point…there’s a specific kind of song that works for a song to bring a team out. War Pigs clearly DOES NOT, even though many in our fandom don’t seem to understand what a “coming out song” needs to be about. Great name, but the song itself fails FOR THIS PURPOSE. For that matter, “Everybody knows that I’m Hogwild” was a hideous choice as well. Thank goodness that’s no longer being played.

But this is what what “For Those About to Rock” has in it’s favor…I still have yet to find a song as good as “Enter Sandman”…it was genius for Va Tech to have claimed it. But this one has potential.

I had reached out to someone in marketing years ago about this. Given my professional status, or dumb luck, my email was read with greater interest. I was contacted and asked for a couple of suggestions…but more to pick my brain on the subject.

It was then I realized we are in a decibel contest with visiting bands and fans, and trying to out-noise other teams communication skills. And, we can afford usage rights to a song more cheaply than additional scholarships for musicians and cheerleaders.

We had a good laugh as there as songs that might work for night games…but we don’t always play night games. We also lamented that industrial rave music didn’t make a larger splash with audiences in our parts of the world, as that is the perfect fit…that no one else even thinks about using (because, well, it didn’t make a large splash anywhere in the continental US where college football is king).

Rave music is an excellent idea. That’s what its for, to get people going (along with lots of Red Bull and other substances).

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Night game. National television. 80k in Stadium. Band forms the A after Swing March. Entire stadium anticipates the team’s entry. House lights go dark as 80k go nuts and look to Jumbotron. Recording of Paul saying, “Oh My” as :30 seconds of past glory clips shown. Then Jumbotron goes to video of players leaving dressing room for field as For Those About To Rock goes for first :50 seconds of song as stadium erupts and camera’s flash as team gathers to take field.

Fireworks as Team runs through the A to fight song by our band. Electric

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Reminder how to do it

Love this!

Guns N Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” anyone? Predicated, of course, on us ever getting to have another night game. Sick to death of 11AM!


And, to beat the drum a final time, it would be unique to UA.

Man you’re not kidding about that. 11:00 am Saturday morning games should be for 7th and 8th grade teams only. Am I.the only.geezer tired of 45-50 year old rock songs?

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We could do this with more than one AC/DC song. There was a time (pretty sure it was during Petrino years) that we had Hells Bells in the intro montage.

Shoot to Thrill
Back in Black
You Shook Me All Night Long

Just don’t pay attention to the lyrics, cause they’re all only about one thing.

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