Can we dream a little - Georgia's top 2 OL

commits - Broderick Jones (#1 in US) and Sedrick Van Pran - didn’t sign. I think they are missing CSP!
All BS aside, I did hear that St. John (the OT from St. Louis) could possibly sign with us on Friday?

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I’m not sure who CSP will sign or when, but I’m confident, based upon his past, that he will sign really good OL players for this team and we will have an OL to be proud of.

Anything is possible! I’m looking for the visitor list for January to see if these 2 are on it! This class won’t make a huge splash but I hope there’s 4 or 5 LBer’s and 4 good OL! Maybe they have a good month in January and land those 10 whom are scheduled to visit.
From there it’s the transfer portal and JUCO.

You never know Army - after seeing the results from CSP’s initial week or so the final class may be something! After watching the film on those kids that flipped to us I would say that Coach and his Staff know what the heck they’re doing. We knew how good Slusher and Curry were but the linebacker from New Orleans and the RB from TX. look like real players!

Bayou, I agree. I would never make a scout, but when I watch the RB’s tape, he looks like a total stud. But his offer list is not SEC-great. look forward to seeing how he plays for us, cuz he looks like a large man with nifty feet.