Can we beat MS. State?

Looking at their schedule, it looks pretty soft. The two best teams they played they lost to, Louisville and Minnesota.

I would assume we will be the underdog with it being on the road. I’m worried about staying in front of Molinar(sp) and blocking out Brooks.

Have any of you guys seen the bulldogs play this year? If so, do you guys think we can pull out a win?

Even Nolan’s great teams had trouble winning at Starkville, I am not overly optimistic.

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I think Muss has finally got their attention and had a lot of practice time to implement and learn. We win…

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Pomeroy sees this as a 74-70 loss with 37% chance of winning. Vegas Insider doesn’t have odds up yet.

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They’re going to present a challenge to us because they are a big basketball team 4 guys 6’9 or taller so going to be tough to score inside unless we get in transition… they have 2 very good shooting guards who can light up the 3 and they are a very good defensive team. We will have to play the best game we’ve played so far in my opinion.

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While hope springs eternal, I don’t expect to win.

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Typical Howland team. Play at much slower pace than Arkansas. Good rebounding team, typical for them. Arkansas shut down Molinar last season; Arkansas will likely key on him defensively again. Expect very physical game, Trey and Khamani might see lots of playing time.

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If we were still playing with the philosophy of positionless basketball, which was really just 4 guards and JWill, we wouldn’t stand a chance. I’m hopeful that our coaching staff finally figured out that our guards aren’t good enough offensively or defensively and we will see some more size and toughness in our rotation with wade and johnson. If JWill and Connor show up and decide to rebound, And if our guards take shots they can make and play together then I mean I think we have a real chance. Obviously we have to rebound, defend the three, have more than 10 assists and shoot better than 40 percent. Not sure if we have done all that in one game this year?

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Don’t think we’ll see much of Connor tomorrow nite.

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Wouldn’t be so sure about that he had 13 against them last year…
This is been a year where what you least expect to happen seems to happen… they are a big team we may need his size inside… we will see

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Actually, this is a game he could play a major role.

Can we win, yes. Defense has to be ready, but offensively, we have to be able to knock down those 12-15 foot jumpshots, even some 3’s to soften their zone.

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I would be very surprised if the Hogs were to win. I have not seen anything to think they are better than mediocre. However, they continue to win convincingly against those ranked under 250. MSU has a 41 Net and is playing at home.

Arkansas isn’t mediocre. Tough crowd in here, I swear.


In what way can Connor play a major role in tomorrow’s game? He possesses neither the quickness nor strength to effectively defend MSU’s bigs. Williams, Toney, Umude, Johnson, and Wade are all better options for Muss tomorrow nite.

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Connor’s exact same player he was last year… He has the length to effect some shots down low maybe can step out and hit some shots that will bring their bigs away from the basket…

Yes he has got a lot of rebounds per minute this year. I am worried that his defense (and offense) hasn’t improved a lick since last year. But I may be wrong and if we have rebounding struggles then it is worth giving him a chance. I’m thinking our front line is now proven to be deep enough we can have a rotation and stick with guys who are actually playing well that night instead of giving playing time to anyone based on potential, or height, or past performance, or hopes and prayers. Johnson and Wade And Toney have been solid recently. I think notaes shot is coming around and robinson is developing confidence. I think we are just a few assists away from decent chemistry on offense and muss has been able to teach three point defense every year so I’m keeping some hope we can still be the team I thought we would be (not top ten, but competitive in every sec game home and away) I’ll be counting hog assists and uncontested dog three pointers in the game thread tomorrow

Connor 1-12 from 3-pt line so far this season

With Khamani and Trey’s emergence, I don’t think CV will be seeing the court too much going forward

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3-point shooting is not why he’ll be in there.

Last year vs Moo U at BWA: 28 minutes, 5-7 on 2-point shots, 1-4 on treys, 13 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks.

BTW, Vegas odds now up. Humpers -3.5, O/U 143.5.

I suggest you look at the record against the top 75, and reassess. And then consider the fortunes of those who are ranked at around #90.

Connor hasn’t shot the ball well this year but I still believe he’s a very capable shooter anybody who shoots free throws as pure as he does can shoot the basketball, just needs to see one go in… he may not play much at all,but with their height, I am not going to be surprised if he gets minutes