Can we be one of those teams that folks are glad they played early this year ----

---- like OleMiss maybe. Can this offense settle down, get comfortable, find an O-line combination that works and gets better each game, let the receivers get totally in sync with Starkel, O’Grady finally comes into his own as a premier tight end in the country, and all of this opens up the run game so Boyd and Whaley become a very effective running combo? Can our young defensive ends, nickel backs, and safeties work through their alignment or pursuit angle mistakes, can our senior defensive linemen take a step up in effectiveness, can we get lucky with injuries to survive with our limited depth, and continue to do well making turnovers which they emphasized in the off-season practices? Can our kicking game continue to be respectible and our return game produce positive results with no fumbles and our coverage teams continue to hold down big plays? Could all of this be happening right now, producing some upsets in the future and achieving some of that “I wish we had played them early before they got on this roll” credibility in the SEC? Can it be possible?

Yes. Ole Miss is probably glad they played us early. Likewise Portlandia who likely would have taken a hiding had we played them after Nick Starkel got rolling. We also could be a team that teams will want to play late, as injuries take their on our depth challenged roster. We are however a team that you do not want to play in the middle of the season. Unless you are Alabama, Aubrun or LSU. It really doesn’t matter when those teams play us. They have vastly superior talent and will crush us on any given Saturday between late August and early December.

Man, I love every word of this post. I’m really intrigued by this part of the CCM era, we could go 4-4 at worst or things could go how you’ve described, and we go 6-6 (dare I wish for 7-5?!?!?). Either way, will be fun to watch this young team grow up together.


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My hope is a repeat of 2008. Petrino’s young pups that beat LSU in WMS were not close to the same team that needed 4th down conversions in the 4th Q against ULM and Western Illinois

You painted a beautiful picture with your post to say the least and I truly believe the answer is no not THIS year. We have to prove we can protect a QB and keep our D off the field for extended periods. We have the frame work but we are still in need depth, experience and everyone healthy at the same time. We will get a dose of reality once the Sec play begins and that’s okay, we have been competitive in this division and we will again, we just need to be patient while the developmental stage moves forward. But it sure would be nice to pull a upset or two ! WPS

I think the thing that will really get us beside youth is the lack of quality depth. You can already see how it has affected the defense. Now our two special young receivers are banged a little. It happens in this league and the only way to get through it is to be 2-3 deep with quality players. Hoping we make it without key injuries just will not get it. We have already lost too many. Still, I think the premise of the OP is spot on. We will get much better, but this schedule does not allow for any losses and there will be many.

Seems to be a lot of “Can they’s” in that question, hope we can say yes to half of those.

I think that is a possibility. Now the Hogs just need to make it true.

Not likely, it’s still a very young and inexperienced offense (same for the defense) and only 1 or 2 additional banged up players away from mirroring last season’s results, while playing in the toughest division in America (and our SEC competition’s not laying dow).

Perhaps fun to watch through the rest of the season, but that’s with fingers crossed and three Hail Maries.

The 2019 hogs won’t be world beaters this season! They could scare some teams. When it comes to looking at Texas A&M they didn’t exactly smear the hogs the last few years or even last year. I think it was a 24-17 final.
The Youth ( freshmen and redshirt freshmen ) will gain experience this season and make plenty of mistakes.
What I’m excited about is the improvement on defense with “speed”! On offense the strength of the young wide receivers and their speed.

This season is all about improvement and experience For the players . With Starkel at QB if the OL can protect him and open some holes for the RB’s they should win 5 games. When you can see improvement by the team don’t look to hard at the scoreboard! The roster will improve again with this next recruiting class! Coach Morris and the his staff need time! Oh course there will be folks hollering about his record in another year and complaining.
IMPROVEMENT and HEART that’s what I personally want to see this season.