Can we agree Mizzou is not a layup?

Looking past Bama admittedly. It seems the prevailing thought is we will beat Missouri, maybe fairly easily. But they have been playing fairly well recently, and have a pretty effective quarterback in Bazelak and a great running back in Bady. Good quarterbacks tend to hurt us. Bazelak in fact hurt us immensely last year. I know the game is at home, and I know will be highly motivated. But I’m not sure we can just say this is a layup game. Gotta bring it.

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It’s a game we should win, but that is based upon the assumption that we will play hard & not make stupid mistakes. If we have an Alabama hangover–either physically or mentally–we could get beat.

So, yeah, I agree wholeheartedly Mizzou is not a layup. I badly want to beat them, too. They’ve beaten us several times when we should have won. Our program is better than theirs. There’s no excuse for them having won the past 5 games.


A few things could make that game a nail-biter or even a loss:

Multiple starter injuries in the Bama game;
Another bad beat down by Bama could cause team psyche problems;
This team cannot come in overconfident thinking they just need to show up to beat MO. I don’t think that will happen under CSP.

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I hope the Gators beat them by 21.

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I’m not sure there is a layup game in the SEC. Not in football anyway. Not even Vandy. We have really been snakebit against Mizzou since they joined the league. A lot of bad calls and bad luck have cost us games in this series. And then there was 2016 when our coaching staff apparently lost their collective minds at halftime. I don’t t expect those things to change. I really hope KJ doesn’t get hurt this week. If he is healthy I like our chances. Without him, I don’t see us beating Missouri.


Misery’s run defense had been terrible until the Poultry game. Suddenly it was much better. Either they figured something out or the Chickens stink. I’m leaning toward the latter explanation.

Do we have to bring it? Yup. Unless Misery beats the Wallets Saturday, they’ll be playing for a bowl game.

I agree that Mizzou is not a layup at all. Short week after playing Bama does not help. I think we win but it will be a fight.

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I don’t recall many SEC games in which you don’t have to bring it. Not for Arkansas. I’d agree on Missouri. There are no layups. Your assessment of the Tigers appears on point.

And don’t suffer injuries to any key players between now & then… :crossed_fingers:

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yep. Absolutely

They have had our number for a long time… They will definitely not be an easy game… we don’t have the luxury of not bringing our A game and winning.

Arkansas always manages to have a team in the conference with a burr under the saddle regarding the Hogs. The disenfranchised coach, recruits, whatever. The Hogs, meanwhile, do not carry that very well. The most obvious example would have been the Auburn game last year and yet we did not overplay our abilities (admittedly, hard to reach inside of yourself at that point in the season - beatdown vs UGA and the letdown vs OM).

Leave it to Nutt at OM, Tuberville at OM/Auburn, Gus at Auburn, and now Drinkwitz at Mizzou and Kiffin at OM to have a burr under their saddle when playing the Hogs.

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No such thing as layup in SEC. if you think that, you are going to see the SEC secretary to get your big white L.

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Worst case scenario 7-5 regular season, I’ll take it. Back to Back to Back, Miss St, LSU, and Bama, 2/3 on the road is a Tough go, I’ll take the butt whompin’ from Bama, but we need to beat Missouri for a GREAT regular season.

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totally agree.

  1. It’s the SEC. lots of players there that Odom recruited. and we stole their best 2 DL. they will be motivated.

  2. Post-Bama hangover is real. mental and physical. I’m so glad that Missery plays florida also.

  3. Every year we think we are going to beat them. and then we suck. I’ll be very very happy wtih a win over them.


Based on the number of layups I’ve seen missed in basketball the last couple of years, I would never ever consider a layup a sure thing.


We have got to stay healthy this Saturday.

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They’re not good… But I’n not exactly trusting of Arkansas yet.

For Mizzou this will be THE game to make or break their season.

I think it all depends on how healthy we stay. Not a “scientific rocket” statement I know.