Can this team play better with the players it has now............................

…where can we see hope for improvement?

We just had a CUSA team cover our receivers well in man-to-man allowing them to overload the box and shut down our running game. They also, on sure passing downs, were successful rushing three and covering our receivers forcing our QB’s to run for their life or be sacked. Now we go to Auburn to play one of the most talented defenses in college football and they are mad because they just let LSU come from behind to beat them on the last play of the game.

The most troubling thing I saw last Saturday was Gibson, returning starter and probably our second best offensive lineman, not touch any defensive lineman when they were rushing three. He shifted back to maintain the pocket until the offensive tackle next to him, blocking the end by himself, got beat for the sack. Twice. Maybe he is coached not to leave a gap in the pocket by going to help block someone else’s man. Maybe, but I doubt it. When they drop 8, the QB needs lots of time to find an open receiver. Our five offensive linemen need to help each other to give the QB time.

So, maybe they can get THAT problem fixed with some coaching. Our receivers seemed to be running different routes than our QB’s expected them to run. Maybe that will improve each week as they get more comfortable with the offense. My worry is that Auburn won’t need to overload the box to stop our running game and will have lots of defenders to stop our passing as we try to open up the offense.

I am looking for some steps in the right direction for this team. Just a respectable loss would make me very happy. Go Hogs.

Yes it can play better.

Arkansas could play better the next few weeks and it might not be that evident because the teams on the other side are so good.