Can this staff get it done?

Is really my question I ask myself after losing these non SEC games.

We all know we don’t have enough talent and have to improve recruiting at light speed, and we have to suffer rebuilding and learn patience.

I thought we would have enough talent and fight to win these games but I didn’t realize how bad we actually may be.

Calling time out before a kick off and what seemed like unemotional play is concerning.

With other coaches and staff there were tough first years but there seemed a little more fight and coaches had come from high D1 success.

My concern is, short of an older Chavis and Cauldwell, the staff doesn’t seem to have a lot of experience or high D1 or SEC like track record.

We are what we are, and can suffer another rebuilding, but I can’t help but wonder if this staff can get it done in the most daunting conference in the country.

I sure hope so.