Can the Hogs Surprise?

We have two very good O line coaches (I’m including Pittman), and now more OL size. I expect pass and run blocking to be markedly improved. They will duct-tape together a serviceable and maybe pretty good O line. Briles’s system is streamlined and seems to emphasize playmakers. And he takes what the defense gives. He will run it if necessary. We have a stud RB, a very good slot receiver, and I expect we have and will get the guys with more SEC speed at the outside WR positions. Got a QB In Franks that has won big games in the SEC. By many reports he is accurate, which I believe is the most important trait in a QB. Vastly better D coordinator in Odom. Chief was a joke. Bigger and better D line, especially with the Clemson transfer. OK linebackers, especially if Bumper can elevate his game. Safety with Catalon and others ought to be better. That’s been a huge issue.

Why can’t we win 4? Out of the question? Depth is probably the Achilles heel. 10 SEC games may take its toll. Probably need to stay healthy, including as to Covid.

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The expectations are so very, very low it won’t take much to surprise. A lot of the pundits are saying we won’t win a game, so if we win three and are competitive in a few more it would be a surprise.

The staff did bring in some transfers to be competitive immediately, while they start the difficult task of overhauling the roster, so a mild surprise is possible.

I’m not worried about wins and losses very much in this very strange year. It’s more important to me to play the games and start the process. There’s an opportunity here to get a lot of valuable experience for the young guys against SEC competition. It also gives the staff a lot better idea how to re-shape the roster heading into 2021.

I’m always the optimist, but CBB & CCM kinda stump broke me lately. I do love our new HC & his staff he assembled and the recruiting done considering.
One thing for sure about the upcoming season (if we have a complete one or one at all), I don’t know what to expect.
However I still think we surprise some. Not putting a number on it.

We will win some games. The talent level is much better than our past two years indicate.

If we go 2-8 Sam Pittman should be in serious consideration for SEC coach of the year.

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If by “surprise” you mean the hogs win an SEC game, yes, I believe we will. If you mean we will win more than 2 or 3 games, then no, I don’t see it. I also love our new HC and his staff, and the recruiting job they have done. And, look forward to better days ahead. But, assuming we go forward with a season, we simply have a brutal schedule with no breaks for lesser non conference teams – not that that has helped us much the past two years.

I agree, our offense will be much improved for several reasons – returning playmakers, an improved and more experienced offensive line, and significantly better QB play assuming Franks plays to his potential. My last point can’t be emphasized enough. Last year’s play by Starkel and Hicks was beyond bad and clearly cost us at least a couple of wins (San Jose St. and Kentucky come immediately to mind).

Our real challenge this year will be the defensive. Agree Coach Odom is a significant improvement over Chief, and it appears he has brought in some excellent assistants. However, there is only so much he can do with the talent he has. Last year’s defense was one of the worst in the Power 5 (ranked 110th), and we lost some talented players to graduation or turning pro (D. Harris, K. Curl, M. Agim, G. Richardson and T.J. Smith). While we do have some talented freshmen and experienced players transferring in, it remains to be seen how much of an impact they will have. If nothing else, depth will clearly be an issue for this defense as the season wears on.

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We will win some games, mark it down. You cannot win with poor QB play, this negated what talent we had on the team the past 2 years

If we somehow play 10 games, I think we have a decent shot at winning the games against OM, MSU, TN, & MO. I could see winning 2 or 3 of those 4. Unlike last year when we couldn’t even hang with WKU, I don’t think any of those teams will beat us handily. If things fell into place, I could see us sneaking up on A&M, too. UGA, UF, LSU, AU, & AL are really longshots although I think we’ll be much more competitive with them than we were or would have been last year.

I’ve always thought we had better talent than we showed last year & the year before. I think we’ve improved our talent since last year. I’m confident the coaching is much much better. I see a 2-8 or maybe 4-6 record. Even 2-8 will give us reason to expect better things next year.

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I think we can surprise - at present, we are the laughingstock of the SEC, but if we can keep all of our assistants for 3 seasons look out! We have some quality coaches and recruiting is looking good

Improved size in trenches will help, but depth is the issue that worries me. With 10 SEC games, depth is more crucial than ever. Don’t know how to put a number on this season. But everyone in the SEC is facing the same challenge. Who keeps fighting And still has enough players through November is the real question.

Odom says there is speed available. That’s the most important thing I heard Friday.

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If the SEC/ UA indeed plays this season, I think they will surprise. Why?

  1. Vastly improved coaching from top to bottom.
  2. Returning experience.
  3. Three relatively good recruiting seasons slowly adding depth and speed.
  4. Players are pissed off and want to win.
  5. The addition of Florida and Georgia to the Hog’s schedule has removed ALL pressure from the players. They don’t just feel disrespected, but most national pundits don’t expect the Hogs to win a game. ALL pressure has been removed. Every game they shall be the underdog without any respect playing loose and hungry.

Depending upon C19 impact (players becoming ineligible, etc…), I expect the Hogs to win at least four games this season. Including a couple noteworthy upsets.



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3-7 is doable. Tough, but doable. Ready to see the schedule.

Wouldn’t be “happy” with 2-8, but that record – with no more than two beatdowns – would be a sign of progress.

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Like your style Guy!

WPS-Let the games begin.

I will continue to say that until the other team proves otherwise, we have a chance against anybody we play.


Having a real Power 5 conference coaching staff will make a monumental difference. I firmly believe that this current staff would have won at least 4-6 games last season with the same players. A big improvement in the QB position will make the next largest difference.

How many wins that will mean with the toughest schedule in college football history, I have no idea. I’ll take 2 right now and be happy. I’ll hope for 4 or 5 wins with lots of lucky plays going our way.

If one SEC team goes undefeated in a full 11 games this fall (including an SEC championship game), they should be crowned the greatest college football team of all time.

Man that’s quite a statement. Would think last year’s LSU team, which went 15-0, with some rather impressive wins would like to have a word with you.


Hardest things to factor for me:

  1. when did the team start “going through the motions” for Morris? Bielema’s bunch fought to the end for him, but I don’t have that impression about Morris’ last team. If they truly were playing their hearts out then we are in for a long, slow rebuild
  2. how emotionally fragile was the bunch last year and how much of that carries over? It appeared we competed with A&M and KY but faded in emotional fortitude after that. If we get hammered by someone early do we recover or do we roll over?
  3. I am somewhat convinced that teams with a lot of NFL prospects will be somewhat disadvantaged this fall. Someone will get an early loss or two, or have a Covid19 outbreak, and the NFL prospects are likely to bail on the season in favor of prepping for the draft. UA, with fewer NFL prospects, have fewer players with something to lose by playing. In contrast, our upper classmen have something to lose by NOT playing. This is one of those things that may be silly, but if one of the top 3-4 teams gets upset early, or goes 2-2 vs tough early competition I can see this playing out
  4. Timing on the schedule is key, too. If we keep Bama and LSU back-to-back, for example, it may be tough for the game after that to be winnable now that it can’t be a rent-a-win. Optimally, we space out Georgia, Bama, LSU, and Auburn. Something tells me Florida is more winnable than Auburn (or, if you prefer, less blowout-able), but maybe that makes for five potentially rough contests. You don’t want them in chunks, 2-3 in a row. Space those out with more contestable games, or start with a couple of the less imposing teams, and that should help.

Well, LSU had 3 locks in GA Southern, NW State, and Utah St, along with an almost lock in TX. So in reality, we are comparing eleven 2019 games against an all SEC 11 game schedule with an SEC championship game.

If LSU were the team that went 11-0 in 2020, I believe that would have been a better season than their 2019 - 15-0 season. In 2020, they play Aub, FL and A&M on the road, vs at home in 2019. Their only tougher games in 2019 would be the @ Bama vs Bama at home in 2020, and the Clemson Championship game. The SEC championship game in 2020 would be tougher than their win over OK, who never should have been in the playoffs. You add in the 10 grueling SEC games vs 8 in 2019 and 11-0 in 2020, to me would be more impressive.

You might say playing 15 games vs 11 is an edge for 2019. However, they got a month’s rest before their final 2 games in 2019/20, which negate that edge.

Oh, and I almost forgot, they have to play at Arkansas who will have a real coaching staff and a real QB in 2020. :wink:

at Bama
at Texas
Neutral site OU
Neutral site 14-0, defending champ Clemson

Pretty salty

Not sure adding two additional SEC games makes up for OU, Clemson and Texas, away from home