Can the Hogs get their mind right for Old Miss

Will we be in a state of mind where the team as a whole is ready to get after Old Mississippi? Or are we as a team still carrying around the loss that should not have been?

If somehow this team can be prepared mentally for this contest, it will be a fun day. If we are in a funk, it could be a butt kicking. Of course, Ole Miss has to deal with getting beat a couple of times lately, too. Which team is ready to go?

Ole Miss is a big play team. We want them on the field for long drives (on offense and defense). That’ll make it tough for them. But, if we allow a couple, quick easy 6 pointers early in Q1, it could be a tough game for our guys.

Limit the big plays, like UK did, and we should be fine.

I’ve been consistently impressed with how the coaching staff have prepped the team to react and make adjustments as needed. What I hope to see today?

Be controlled, but be angry; feel slighted; know that a victory was taken from you, so go take it from Ole Miss.

I’m really hoping that we don’t just win. I want a blowout, a statement game.

Of course, if we win by one point, I’ll still be happy. :grinning:

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