Can the combination of us being Tight End "U" & the 3-4 defense...............

…give us an edge? In the 3-4, you need more of the tight end size heavy outside linebacker types which are very similar athletes to tight ends. Although Jamario Bell has certainly not proved to be a good example, it seems to me that if you have good depth at tight end, there should be some of that depth that could play well in the 3-4 if needed. Or maybe it will be the other way around. If you need a good physical not afraid to block tight end, maybe depth at the 3-4 outside heavy linebacker could provide it. In the 4-3, there did not seem to be a good spot for the tight end body type. The 3-4 has at least one, maybe two, positions that lean more toward a tight end size player. Does that make sense?

Modo, my first thought is, if TE types can’t contribute at their assigned position how would they be able to with a switch to LB?

I also have another question. If basically the same (too slow) players playing a 4-3 can’t contain, can’t tackle, can’t defend the pass, can’t defend the run. . .how will a switch to a 3-4 transition these players to SEC quality athletes?

I know the answer I’ll get from most is it’s a “better fit.” But, I’m not buying. Have to recruit better. . .

I don’t know if I understand any of that. The edge? I think defensive players are defensive players. I think tight ends are tight ends and linebackers are linebackers. I remember what Wilson Matthews always said, “Linebackers are linebackers. You shouldn’t have to teach them anything. If you have to talk to them much, they probably aren’t linebackers.” I told that to Mark Smith, an All-SEC linebacker at Arkansas, and he laughed and said, “That’s exactly right.” You either are one or you aren’t.

Jamaal Anderson goes from oversized wide receiver to a pro defensive end. A.J. Derby goes from mediocre college quarterback to a pro tight end. Bielema is well known for switching players to a better position for their talents and having them excel. Is it crazy to think there might be some effective “switching” between a loaded tight end position and a not so loaded heavy outside 3-4 linebacker position or vice versa? :sunglasses:

I think the 3-4 puts one more somewhat mobile defender on the field than the 4-3 and historically Arkansas recruits more of the tweener players than they do the elite huge defensive linemen so the 3-4 positions are a little easier for Arkansas to fill. Everything Bielema does on defense is geared towards “stop the run” first everything else comes second. He thinks this defense will be more flexible and more mobile and will compete better against the spread running quick backs and quarterbacks that made all of us sick last year. Hope he is right. :sunglasses:

I think the 3-4 is a little better in putting more flexible players closer to the line. But, it does require to be really good at nose tackle. It’s the key spot in the 3-4.

Do you think Austin Capps is the answer to that problem?