Can’t wait

To hear some of the locker room problems from around the country over NIL jealousy. Rumblings now from folks who know. Human nature.

It will be interesting.

It will all calm down. Everyone just needs to be able to run around and do whatever so they have no one to blame but themselves. I think the players will all soon have a reality check. Probably a few more years.

NIL and the portal makes it hard to have a team-first attitude.

Not all portal guys are me-me guys but often they come in with a year or two left and many are thinking one with an eye to the league.

Some not getting what they think they’re worth NIL wise can have issues with others with sizable NIL deals.

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It would be surprising if you didn’t have guys who don’t think they are getting paid enough on NIL, don’t think the staff is helping them get good deals, and are miffed if their more well-funded teammates won’t help them get hooked up with similar deals.

There’s always going to be guys on football teams that are jealous of each other and/or just don’t like some of their teammates. Most teams handle it without much serious trouble, but NIL stirs things up a bit more, especially since you are dealing with a lot of younger guys who were likely the big dogs on their high school teams and are used to being told they are the best.

This is where strong leadership within the team can put a stop to issues within the locker room.


kinda a funny thought here, but–who leads? The rich NIL guy with the elite talent is to lead the more average guy with relative low NIL? Ha! You’re kidding, right?

The rich guy says “harder, harder”, “sweat more”, “push that VW up that hill”–“I can get more yards if you would just get stronger”.

Not sure this will work.

Guys that work and lead by example and the vast majority of the team respects.

I think over time the human factor realizing the inequity of salaries and bonuses will tend to pull the rug out from under the elites. Might have done that this year in one or two of our games where suddenly the OL didn’t seem to be on the same page with their teammates.

Human nature…hmmmm…NIL inequities.

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