Can’t say for sure

Richard this has to be a surprise to staff on Jared Woodard leaving? I thought he played quite a bit in bowl and would only continue to play more. Thoughts?

Not sure if he told the coaches or not. I assume he did.

Richard, do you think it could be the Harris twins? There is talk of them visiting and they are apparently announcing their school between Arkansas, UCF, and Maryland according to Rivals.

Their (Arkansas) is targeting Davon Sears Jr as well as Oklahoma, Southern Cal, Kansas St, Miami etc…

Possibly, I’ve leaned towards no based on info I’ve heard but things can change especially with a new DC and his relationship with the twins. Bringing in five freshmen seems to be pretty high but nothing would surprise me.

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Gotcha. I have wondered, since they are slightly undersized but fast, if they could convert to safety or maybe a nickel position. Time will tell though!


They signed six DBs so that might be enough there. Definitely expect some DBs from the portal.

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Not a football strategist, but it would seem to me a 6-1 210/215 guy who can run might be an interesting hybrid/nickel back, since we tend to play five DB’s and two linebackers. Seems a physical enough guy to lend run support, but fast enough to cover a tight end or back out of the backfield would have a place in our defense. I know this somewhat describes Johnson, but not sure this is his forte.

Depends. Can they do all that and flip their hips? If I recall it used to be the trend to turn safeties into linebackers but not often the opposite. Seems like maybe that was a Jimmy Johnson thing, if memory serves.

Jimmy Johnson made a living moving players up a level, bulking up their speed.

The old hybrid spot - back in the Zac Painter days, maybe - was a LB/S hybrid. Now, the LB hybrid is with the DE (not unlike what Drew Sanders did this year). The DB “hybrid” is the nickel spot - the 3rd CB or the 3rd Safety, or more likely a combo. Slusher was too slow for CB, and too slight for safety. He was a good fit at nickel. They have to cover somebody. We have not had CB speed/coverage at nickel outside of Slusher, making it a focus of need.

Both of our CBs - Nudie and McAdoo - can hit, run, and cover. Adding a third one allows one to roll over to nickel, as needed.

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