Can’t say for sure

but I think the play of Jordan Crook last night but end the hunt for another LB in the portal.

Will be interesting to see.


I hope not…bc the injury bug can rip us a new one with depth at a key position. And are the incoming FR ready for the SEC as backups?

Guess we’ll see. Talent is there. Spence and Dean will be on campus in Jan. so that’s a plus.

I think Powell can be very good as well but his injury put him so far behind,hopefully he can get 100% bc he is a player.

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They’re definitely high on Mani.

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yes he is a beast.

Mani Powell - McKinney - Junior Highlights (

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We have are still taking the stud from USF right ? That’s all we need …. And the Harris Twins :women_with_bunny_ears: :blush:

Any word on the freshman LB from Shiloh Christian?

Btw, Woodard made a huge play last night.

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Richard, I thought crook was out of position and gave Kansas their first couple of touchdowns. He was aggressive but I thought Woodard outplayed him last night.

I think a senior linebacker wouldn’t hurt out of the portal.

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I think Crook’s athletic ability is going to be hard to keep off the field. He just needs practice and game reps to eliminate some true frosh mistakes. The USF transfer is the plug and play rotation guy to let a couple of the younger guys get settled in, but there’s a lot of young talent already in the fold… LB should be a strength of the defense the next few years.

Oh, he was out of place a few times. Not unusual for a guy making his first start but the talent part is there. The first OT TD was because he left his guy open while going after the QB.

The mental part is correctable.

They signed Grier. He’s a senior.

I’m not saying they won’t sign another LB out of the portal, just saying he showed well enough that they feel good bout him in the future and it might make them think they’re good with the one portal add. We’ll see.


Gotcha now RD…I forgot about Grier. Agree we don’t need another one unless it’s a Drew Sanders type. Need safeties and DTs more.

Yes I totally agree about crook. Woodward and Powell along with Greir the transfer and Spence and Sanford coming in are absolute bone crushers. We have the makings of one of the best linebacker rooms we’ve ever had.

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Has anybody heard anything about Kaden Henley from Shilo Christian since he got on campus?

Haven’t asked but will.

When we got Grier, I figured we’d be done. Him, Paul, Crook, Powell and Woodard should be a good rotation, assuming we will mostly play two LB’s.

The kids will not grow if too many portal seniors are put in their way.
I do think Grier sounds like someone that not only will help on the field, but will provide leadership as well. Although Pooh seems to have a lot of leadership in him.

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Pretty sure they’ll bring in another LB, maybe two.

With Woodward leaving possibly so.