Can’t have it.....

Both ways, fire the coach (and staff) that has been recruiting kids for several years and there will be issues holding on to some of those recruits. It’s part of what you get with losing the previous staff. Most wanted CBB and staff gone. This is what you get (especially) with the new early signing period.

I never thought Gerry would be headed to the hill.

I like the new guys but they can’t be judged on this years recuiting class IMO.

We need patience.

Yes sir.

Anyone who thought everything was going to go smoothly and all of a sudden we would pickup 12 4 and 5 star players are smoking something.

Once a DC is named, that should help on the defensive side of the ball. We picked up Bishop and Ferrell with this staff.

Coach M will get it done and think we are going to be very happy with the results. Yes, we need patience.

Agree 100%