Can’t have 2 lottery picks

Score two points in one half! It’s really sad that we never got to see the Nick that we were supposed to see.

Just don’t see us pulling this one out.


Similar to Joe Johnson’s Razorback career. Only shorter. Just a taste. That’s all we get.

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Guys, if Nick is a super hero, he now has an opportunity in the Sweet 16 to show his stuff!

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If we are going to win this whole thing, I think Nick will have to have at least one great game for us. He can do it.

Yeah. I just wonder how healthy he is right now. Love his talent and his future, but a 3 or 4 year Devo, will always trump any one and done.

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In …General, that’s what I’ve been saying too. Chemistry’s better with him leading.

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Devo has always been a winner this time of year. Even as a freshman. These Frosh could learn a lot. Walsh is our best youngin right now