Can’t give a team four outs

I knew when that first batter reached on a K we were in trouble

Whole new game now

Agree. But Koch has been a champion all year. Great behind the plate. I did some catching as a youngster and finding the ball is tough.

Gotta get some more runs.

That’s at least twice this year that a guy has reached after a K because Koch couldn’t find the ball in the dirt.

Well, it sure cost us. We badly need some more runs. That DP hurt us. I was feeling pretty good with that 5 run lead. It can sure change fast.

I didn’t mean it as a criticism of Koch

Just an observation of how fine of a line there is to walk

Oh, I know, but as he was searching for the ball, my mind immediately flashed back to that previous episode. KP thought Murphy might have crossed him up too.

A K scores and a walk! That is what stinks.