Can someone tell me

  1. the length of Chavis contract

  2. do all assistants sign 2 year contracts?

  3. are they renewed every year, a rolling 2 year contract?

  4. what about craddock contract?

what about offensive line contract?

coopers contract?

receivers, running back, caldwell, corner coach, need to stay. All good recruiters.

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i don’t think we can afford to fire morris after this year. but his buy out goes down how much each year and does he have one of these rolling contracts?

I don’t want to see Morris get fired, because that would mean we stink it up for the rest of the year.

But I certainly think he and the entire staff are now coaching for their jobs. Even Lunney…though I think the world of Barry Lunney. and his coaching family tree. Can’t believe I am typing that. But I believe it. After last night I do anyway.

Personally, and this is strictly my opinion…I think Chad needs to win at least 4 games total to get year 3 in his rebuild. And look at least decent in the remainder.

That means winning at least one SEC game. And beating Western Kentucky…which is now obviously not a given. At all.

I know nothing. No inside info. But I do know many big boosters…and I know if Chad wins only one more game…or worse no more games…the heat in the kitchen will be incredibly hot.

I am disgusted. Really disgusted.

But I’ll be back next week…hoping against hope. I want Chad to succeed. I really really do.

everyone does, i want no coach at arkansas to fail. they fail, we fail. i want us back on top again, sooner than later, understand the rebuild, but don’t understand the loss last night.

i see coaching mistakes. i see player mistakes, is it because of scheme or coaching?

Hog, I agree. My frustration is that I want him to succeed. The SEC is not a forgiving place. Coach said it was a line of scrimmage league even more than he thought when asked about what first year taught him. Thus, Yes, they are coaching for their jobs and product on field will reflect fans in stands. It will be there for everyone to see. Winning is hard and changing the losing culture is even harder. Starting over makes it more difficult.

  1. Chavis is under contract through the end of next season. He has a very big buyout.

  2. All of the assistant coaches signed two-year contracts in 2017, so they are in the final season of their contract, with the exception of Joe Craddock, whose contract runs through next season.

  3. Prior to Morris’ hiring, most assistant coaches worked on renewable 12-month contracts, consistent with most university employees. Morris’ assistants have been given 24-month contracts.

Thanks Matt. Easier to come up w coordinator or assistant money than big buyout for headcoach

Razorwill, exactly when are you referencing to the Hogs being back on top? Seriously, we’ve had a handful of good teams since joining the SEC and no doubt more competitive than we’ve been lately, but back on top? Please explain what you mean by back on top?

Go Hogs!