Can someone post game updates?

I’m in the car and no app works at all. I know we won the first game. Are we still down? What inning?

Down 5-3, top 6

Well crap. Hate to hear that, but thanks for update. Please add more as game progresses. Thanks again, So

5-3, after 6

Silver lining: We’re ahead 3-1 in earned runs. (sarcasm)

6-3 bottom 7th

bullpen is pathetic tonight 8-3 and they still have bases loaded

10-3 bottom eight

Thanks for the updates, friends. Glad I didn’t have to watch. At least the basketball team seems to be playing pretty well.

You do know that you can always follow me on Twitter: @Baumbastic
My scoring app automatically posts updates following each score and at the end of each half-inning. And since I’m a little OCD about scoring, it is always up-to-date.

Thanks Marty, but I hate to admit in this day & age, I don’t have a twitter account. I’m not sure I know how to set one up. I probably ought to get one, but until reading your post, I never thought I needed one.

I don’t tweeter either. I Just refuse to give in.