Can someone please confirm Malzahn is off the list?

I don’t mind that the big money tried to get him.

But at this point it is obvious his preference is to stay at Auburn, and their big money and the U of A are being used to get him as good a deal as possible from Auburn.

Let him be, let him stay and get on with hiring a coach who wants to be at Arkansas.

I don’t think anybody can confirm anything at this time, and if some can, they are not or cannot do it to the public.

By most accounts, he has neither signed an extension with Auburn nor accepted anything from us as of yet.

That could mean nothing at all, but he knows Ark wants him & AU (probably) wants to keep him. So if nothing has been signed yet, I’d bet it’s only because he’s positioning to get the best deal possible from Auburn. He’ll get a big raise & extension & stay there. We might not know until tomorrow, but I’m betting that’s what happens.

So the fact that he beat two number 1 teams prior to the SEC Championship game has nothing to do with him getting a big raise? Those 2 wins might of had something to do with His current employer realizing that he can coach and maybe we should keep him and not let him go to Arkansas. Maybe him and his family are seeking counsel and checking all the boxes before they say yes or no to the Hogs. Maybe he wants some assurance that he will be given all the resources to win here. Gus is a coach and he is very competitive. If you think this is all about a paycheck then you don’t understand Gus or people like him. Yes, he wants a great deal but he also wants to win. Maybe Gus wants to know who the AD is going to be before he makes a decision. We don’t know anything about his decision but to jump all the way to we got played for a big raise is just silly talk IMVHO.

While I would be pleasantly surprised if he actually came here, I do believe his bargaining power with AU would have been much greater before yesterday. They are the epitome of “what have you done for me lately”, and most recently he got blown out by Georgia. If I were him, and I were intent on staying, I would have signed that extension on Friday.

As far as resources go, there’s not much he could find out last night or today that wasn’t knowable 3 months or even 3 years ago. He knows Ark will spend whatever it takes as far as resources. Heck, we’ve already done that. Unfortunately, the biggest resource difference between us & Auburn isn’t money or what can be bought with money. The biggest difference is recruiting territory & recent success on the field. If the best chance of winning on the field is his biggest concern, there’s no doubt he stays at Auburn.

If the draw is to “come home,” well, NWA has been home for a long time, too.

So all those intangibles are already known & fixed. If he’s negotiating now, it’s for years on his extension, the size of the salary, and perhaps some sort of say in personnel above him or around him in the athletic dept.

The big difference between us and Auburn isn’t money. It’s what that money buys. At Auburn it buys players.

Well, there is that, but if he’s part of that there, he’d be willing to be part of it here. I suppose the right administration would tell our coach “that ain’t happenin’ here” but right now, I don’t know enough about our new administration. I sure don’t know about how adverse to those shenanigans would be to some of those in the Gus Cult.

We don’t have all the resources the big boys do…When you think of resources don’t think buildings…gotta get a top DC and that will cost 1.3–2 million per year…need a staff of paid hired guns that call themselves consultants and that will cost some bucks. Gonna have to pay 25 percent more at a minimum to upgrade each position coach. Need to upgrade the game day and recruiting weekend experience. We are not on the same level as the big boys in many areas. This is not an argument post…just my VHO.

FWIW…I hope we keep coach BLJr and Coach Smith.

Rivals reporting Gus has accepted AU’s extension offer…

We got played big-time. IMHO he had no interest, ever, in coming back unless Auburn actually fired him. But he let the Shiloh Mafia think he did so he would have leverage as soon as BB moved on for whatever reason. So we just got him a $2.5 million raise.

The Auburn fan base will go absolutely berserk over that. I love it… and GM will be fired within 3 years IMO.