Can someone explain this twit from HY?

it comes from the Sam Tram account that is HY

going to the practice range for target shooting and Chad Morris in linked? I don’t get it

That’s not Hunter’s account. That is an account someone made on there own.

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My first thought also. Don’t see HY being that unprofessional.

It can’t be his account. There is so much stupid on there, including making fun of the “young lady” exchange with Pittman, which I’m sure no level-headed administrator who wants to keep his job would do today.

Come on people! Yunter Huracheck? It is a fake account!

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It would have been better if it were LK.

Come on guys. Use some discretion on Twitter.

Does the account have a blue check mark? How many followers does the account have? Does the twitter handle seem suspicious?

There are literally millions of fake accounts saying insane things on Twitter. Be careful and don’t encourage them.

Hunter does not have a verified account. But one look at that account’s name and you can see it is not his.