Can someone explain Koch’s earpiece?

Who’s on the other end and what are they communicating? No more dugout signals?

The SEC is using it to speed up the game. The pitching coach is telling the catcher what pitches to throw. Koch does his own calling but I am sure the pitching coach tells him other stuff.

The coaches use it to instruct Koch to make an extra trip or two to the mound when a reliever needs a few more warm-up pitches.

I wonder what he was telling him about mid-way through the top of the 3rd yesterday. Also wonder if any of it is suitable for repeating on a family message board.

I wrote about the headsets last fall: … -headsets/

I wouldn’t think anything could be repeated that was communicated durning that 3rd inning meltdown. That was hard to watch!
I like the earpiece.

I think what they were telling Koch during the third inning: Be ready to dig another one out of the dirt!

I would have told Koch to bounce the ball back to the pitcher to get their attention. :slight_smile:

They may have told him to set up at the wall behind him since he had to keep running back there.