Can Somebody Press CCM About Calloway?

I know the pat answer is he is out on a personal issue, and nobody needs to know about that if that is truly the case, but surely CCM knows about when he’ll be back, if ever. It’s odd that a starter all of a sudden is AWOL without any reasonable explanation, isn’t it?

I’m just wondering …

I kind of think he’s left team. He got his feelings hurt after being toasted for 2 TD’s and they wanted him to move to the Nickel back…

I’ve wondered that, too. Somebody said they thought he’d quit but that CCM is “recruiting” him to stay.

May be letting him get his head on straight,either way is its about playing another position,very selfish move and is costing him bigtime right now in losing experience

Is he in class? If not he’s missed tons of class work. Or is he at home? He could redshirt if he hasn’t left team but one still has to go class

You have it right youdaman!

The swollen ego! He may not be coachable! No matter what happens the hogs need players that will do what’s best for the team!

I don’t see a coach trying to recruit a player back who has left the team, inviting other players to play that card. Dabo sure didn’t do that with Bryant even after his starting QB went down. Said moving on.
But we could be more desperate I suppose.

Sounds a lot like the tevin beanum situation. Speculating scenarios is fine and all, but we should probably reserve judgement until something official comes out.

Didn’t Dabo say he would love to have Kelly back?

I assume he in class, but can’t get anything official on that

After game press conf Dabo said no more talk about Kelley. Wish him the best but we are moving on.