Can somebody please inform me....

if it is legal for an offensive lineman to perform a clothesline maneuver with his arm around the neck of the defensive lineman as he is running by him.

and saw their left tackle doing that and wondered the same thing


It’s illegal. Yes. I saw lots of missed holding calls, including some on the Hogs.

Generally, if your hands are inside you can hold all you want. If they are outside you can get called even when you are not.

I would love for someone to explain to me what is even considered holding these days. Not strictly what the rulebook says.
I get so frustrated. Like most on this board, I’ve watched football closely my whole life. Played a little. I saw that choke hold as well…and the ref was RIGHT THERE. No call. Crazy.

To my mind, missed calls like that were not unexpected with those officials. After all, it was the Curles crew.

Not surprised either Marty, given the crew.

My much better half, the USC fan, commented that this crew always seemed to mark the ball an extra yard for TCU after several plays while marking the ball a yard short of where Arkansas seemed to make it to during the Hogs offensive plays. Hmmm…

It’s pretty bad, Jim, when Chuck comments on the ball placement. [quote]Their spotting, their football spotting in this game has been atrocious.

It does cut both ways though Marty, on AA’s winning run it surely looked to me that our left guard, #51 who pulled on the play, was holding his man as both were trailing the play.

Obviously wasn’t called to my great relief.