Can say with 100% certainty

that Arkansas hasn’t contacted Mike Leach yet.

That’s some of the best news I heard since this fiasco started.

Great! Thank you.

can u say with any certainty who has been contacted?? :smiley:

I’ve heard the same things everyone else has heard about Gus and Norvell. I’ve heard those two the most, but that’s not breaking any news.

I’ve also heard Sumlin and Venables mentioned too. There’s so many rumors out there it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not.

He and his staff have recruited Texas. He’s been able to do more with less at schools that don’t have the resources Arkansas has.

He was HDN in a crappy conference. He wouldn’t know defense if it walked up and slapped him on the tail.

No thanks, i’m good.


has scott frost been contacted nebraskais after hm and Chris Fowler espn says that is were he is going we can give a better deal than nebraska

Scott Frost played at Nebraska.

That’s a deal killer for almost anyone else. I wouldn’t even want to offer someone like that. He’d leave for NU at the earliest opportunity. Regardless, if NU wants him now, that’s where he’s going.

I can also report with certainty that I am no longer being considered for either the AD or HC job.

I think the AD interview question that got me was when they asked: “Do you have any problems with the Good Ole’ Boy Network?” and I told them that I thought we had that channel on our cable system, but I never watch it. I tried to improvise and said that my wife really liked that show on HGTV about the Waco couple that renovates houses, but that did not seem to help.

The interview to be the HC was going pretty well. I aced the question on who would win a Wally Hall/Paul Finebaum power lifting contest, and they liked my plan for holding the spring game in Aruba.

But I messed up by answering truthfully when they asked if I would be able to be interviewed by a grown man named Booger on national television and not start laughing, while also remembering to call him “Boog”.

I want NOTHING to do with Leach

Thank you nlr, :lol: :lol:


Are any coaches ever officially contacted until they have the job?

I’m praying it isn’t Leach. HDN in worse conferences and a personality that Arkansas will HATE if they can’t stomach 2 Bill Walton games

See…this very thing seems to tie Leach and Arkansas together right at the hip. So many people say it is so hard for us to consistently get the 4* and 5* recruits AND that we need to hit Texass HARD! Well, there it is in Mike Leach. Yes, he’s a little bit “out there”. But, he’s smart. He brings an exciting offense. We could do WAY worse, for sure.


WHYYYYY is it so important to some that we have an “exciting” offense…even if it means hiring someone with a very checkered track record “being an adult” such as Petrino or Leach? Or Kiffin for that matter. All of those names should be eliminated.

Is the Arkansas inferiority complex? Can’t stand for Arkansas to appear behind the times?

Hatfield was boring. And the best coach we have ever had not named Frank Broyles.

matt jones frank Broyles played at georgia tech but he coached at arkansasand also was AD HERE barry switzer played for our Razorbacks but coached for the blow hard ou sooners SCott Frost can also coach here at Arkansas