Can say Arkansas is interested (Quotes added)

in Miami of Ohio PG Michael Weathers. It’s more than casual interest.

Here’s what he had to say: … ing-visit/

Would be a great addition. Two questions: what about his brother Marcus and he would have to sit one year I’m assuming??

Michael said he talked to TJ Cleveland three days ago. He said he has huge interest in the Hogs because of style of play and closeness to home.

He was set to officially visit Boise State, Miami and Xavier. The Boise State visit seems iffy at this time.

Weathers just talked to Coach Anderson about 45 minutes ago. He said Anderson and Cleveland want to get him down to Fayetteville for an official visit soon.

Awesome to hear. Hopefully we can get him on campus.

Is he a graduate transfer?

No. He would sit out a year and then have 3 yrs to play 3. Interestingly he has a 6’5 twin SF who averaged 9 pts and 5 rbs.

The Hogs want Michael. Not pursuing his bother.

Richard maybe I am overly optimistic, but it seems from reading between the lines we are a slight favorite. I read another article where Xavier is returning their top guards over the next couple seasons. The Hogs will have plenty of playing time after his RS year and wants to be closer to home. Hopefully Kansas is not interested.

Yeah, it sounds good, but I’ve learned not to think anyone is a lock.

Yea, looks like he’s already changed up his visit schedule a couple of times and dropped some lower tier schools as bigger schools have become interested. I was reading some tweets from scouts and stuff he’s re-tweeted and it appears if Kansas gets involved he would be going there. Like you said, hopefully they don’t get interested or if they do, we get that visit and commit beforehand. Also, looks like him and his brother are fine with going to different schools, they have 2 completely different offer/interest lists and their visit schedules are different. This would be a huge pick-up for us and answer that PG question we’ve had on when Barford, Beard, and Macon all graduate. Also, be a good opportunity for Weathers, he’d almost be a lock to start at PG with all those guys leaving.

How do we have room

Have a schollie for 2017 and two for 2018

Like this possibility.

This should be a good fit with CJ Jones and somewhat level out our class schedule at guard.

Weathers might be the guy for the last spot, but need keep emphasizing the situation is VERY fluid.

Is it possible to land Weathers and the Lawson’s? Or would that be a no go?

Would say highly unlikely but I’ve learned to never say never.

Meant to say earlier, but the director of operations Matt Zimmerman recruited Weathers out of high school.

This article from the Kansas City Star says that Kansas is the top of his wish list. … 09513.html

Sounds like that was his answer to a leading question but who knows?? I’m sure he’d love to play at KU but he sounds pretty open to me.