Can Sam channel Saban and start hiring analysts that have been prior big deals?

Saban gets old HC’s nee Laneboy and Doug Marrone types because his old buddy Jim Chaney was just put on the open market

as a confidant and trusted companion seems like a good guy to have around if our budget can afford something like the 150k that Gary Patterson is costing the Whorns. No expectations as a staff seems to be required, but Saban makes it happen. Lots of analysts, the only one I recognize as significant are Huxtable and Alex Mortenson. Do we have budget for talent that is not to be staff in the eyes of the NCAA?

I don’t know how that works. I have no idea what those analysts do, but I’m sure Saban hires them for a reason. The NCAA limits the number of coaches a team can have so I don’t know what kind of restrictions, if any, it puts on these “analysts.” Sounds like a BS way of evading rules to me, but I admit I have no clue if that’s true or not.

The analysts can’t coach. What they can do is break down future opponents so the OC and DC don’t have too and begin putting together game plans. This saves an amazing amount of time so the the on field coaches can do exactly that…COACH. They can also break down tendencies of Bama so that they can then break those tendencies when they want or need to. Once again this saves an immeasurable amount of time for the actual coaches. The more high end analysts Bama has the more time Saban and his coordinators can spend doing actual game planning with data created by extremely good coaches. I am fairly certain that these “Analysts” are hired on the basis of knowing what Saban wants them both looking for and the value of their judgement on how to game plan against future opponents. Much like a business where the VP’s bring all available options to the CEO who can then make extremely well informed decisions based on very well thought out and researched options.

I know that OU and Venables are in the process of increasing the number of people on its football operations staff. Analysts, nutritionist, training, other types of people. Apparently, the number of people you can tell recruits as being in your football operations really does appeal to them. I think Arkansas probably is keeping up for the most part. But it’s interesting to see all of this happening.

Having all these high end notable coaches on board as analysts learning Sabans brand of football puts them in direct position to be hired on Sabans staff later. Since there is turnover there almost every year.
Sark was an analyst at Bama prior to becoming OC.

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