Can probably read between the lines here

You can keep saying the first part as much as you want, but that’s still not going to make it become true.

I also say once again that if you think someone is not going to get a scholarship because of JSJ that I have some swamp land in Arizona that I would like to unload on you.

How do you know that haven’t had a convo with Joe Burrow?

You do understand that just because they are offered, doesn’t mean they accept it. It’s not that uncommon for players from wealthy backgrounds to not accept their scholarship, it’s just not announced to the public.

Like Dudley just eluded to, if you think he’s taking up a scholarship spot, he has some swamp land to sell, and I have ocean front property in Arkansas.

Hey, fatback you and Elmo just go away please! No one in their right mind would post like you do unless you’re a couple trolls!

Hey Dudley…I keep humming the ole Paul Simon tune “One Trick Pony” while reading certain posters not to mention flashbacks to the movie “Groundhog Day”.

Hang on a second Dudley… You said that you didn’t think they would look at Joe Burrow.

But I don’t want to be at odds with you. The bottom line is we have to put up with this used car salesman stuff for the next to 3-5 years.

When we are 35th in the nation in recruiting…I don’t want to hear about how great this staff is.

It’s a mess. Hogs are in big trouble.

Me thinks Elmo is a troll!!!

Think that all you want…gonna be happy to say I am wrong if it all turns to be great. But as it stands now, it looks so bad for our Hogs.

Where at? … ,swamp.cfm

Yes, I’m a smart arse

Maybe that’s only on Sesame Street.

JSJ will be starting a lot sooner that any of you think. Just watch. The kid is incredible. I’ve seen him play more than any of you. You all selling him short will rue the day.

And that is what is completely wrong with this program…under this new coach.

You really think Chad Morris is going to start JSJ because he is Jerry’s grandson? And risk a multi million dollar job by not playing the best QB? BS times 10. He will start him because he’s the best and most accurate QB on the team. They said the same thing about the HP coach (undue Jones influence) and all his team did with JSJ under center was win 2 Texas HS state championships. Just watch Elmo. I’m on record.

This ain’t high school. This is the hardest division in football. And thinking the future of our program is with a coach that has a losing record, and a QB that is 5"10 and 175 pounds is a recipe for disaster.

What’s next? We get an intramural QB to play? Oh wait, that already happened. How did that go?

Look, Arkansas football has absolutely sucked. I understand that. I’m not sugarcoating anything. Jeff Long and company ruined it.

But your thinking about Morris is far too superficial. I live less than a mile from SMU. Go to a bunch of their games. I know exactly what SMU is. Exactly. Hard to win there. And you can’t judge him on one season of recruiting.

Morris is a very good football coach that will have sense enough to recruit here in Texas. Sure thing? No. But you’ve got to give him a chance. He will have a very good recruiting class this year. And I think he will eventually win at Petrino levels. Which is what the bar should be.

Again, I’m on record.

I agree Hawgjaw. Morris improved an SMU program over 3 years and put a few players in the NFL. Morris learned how a top program is supposed to be ran while OC at Clemson. HS coaches are very influential in the recruiting process. Texas, OU, A&M, TCU, Baylor, etc have placed many grads on HS staffs or have deep relationships with each staff. Morris and Traylor are ICONS of Texas HS FB that can get into any HS coaches office in Texas. We could not say that about our other HC’s. We have mostly had weak connections in Texas HS coaching staffs and have not been able to get HS coaches from Ark into many Texas HS’s. Morris is the best option we have had to get into the TX HS FB schools and have relationships with coaches.

Back to the original subject, has anyone heard more about what Maleek Barkley meant when he tweeted?

If he doesn’t accept the full schollie we’ll know within hours

I am a troll only if trolls are Hog fans for 50 yrs who speak their minds when they agree or disagree with what they see or read. That’s what fan forums are for. I’ll continue to do that until my annual subscription runs out this fall. Then I will go away permanently.