Can probably read between the lines here

I’m not very good at hints.

I hope it is not what I think you are thinking RD. Would hate to see it as he is seems to be a solid talent! Hope I am reading between the lines incorrectly.

It’s what you think, when he got moved to RB, you knew he was looking at a lot list in front of him. Morris prefers 6’2" or bigger WR’s, or speed guys, so I imagine he’s looking elsewhere for playing time. I expect a few more to come out soon.

Good luck to the kid.
More of Bert’s recruits being processed.

Barkley is from CM’s old school, Lake Travis. I saw his state title game. He looked really, really impressive. But if he doesn’t fit what CM wants, well…

And was not offered by Morris while at SMU. CMM Not offering a Lake Travis kid is very interesting.

Kinda like he didn’t offer Stephen Jones while at SMU?

You can almost guarantee he would have…

JSJ didn’t receive any offers until really late in the process.

It was late in the process for JSJ because Jerry got the job for CM and then he magically got an offer. Until then, that kid wasn’t close to getting an SEC offer.

He’s not going to take up a scholarship, so why do you have so much of a problem with it?

If anything it’s just another benefit to have extra competition in the qb room. Very few people think he will be the guy over the likes of his classmate Noland, so at least he can push the other guys and make them all better.

“Very few people think he will be the guy over the likes of his classmate Noland, so at least he can push the other guys and make them all better.”

I realize this thread has shifted from Maleek, but when talking about QBs, at this point, I wouldn’t count anyone out. He is the ONLY QB on this roster who was actively recruited after this staff got in place. Noland had already committed. I still think there is a bias for position coaches to like the guys they brought in because it validates their evaluation skills. I don’t think they would elevate him over a clearly better candidate. While we may have some questions about the O-Line, the QB position is clearly the weakest link on offense coming out of spring ball. So, Jones is going to be given the opportunity. If he is the leader I think he is, he may have a shot as the season progresses.

They wanted Noland, he fits the system very well. If they didn’t, they could’ve quit pursuing him like they did with several previously committed players.
I do think they like JSJ, but he’s physically limited and you would think just by looking at the two freshman on paper that Noland has the clear advantage. That doesn’t always matter, but he definitely has the higher ceiling. Obviously both guys will get plenty of opportunities.

Do any of you on here not remember what this league does to small QB’s??? And if your O Line is suspect, it’s literally like feeding a pack of lions. Look at the beatings Tyler Wilson, BA, and AA took. Even Mallett got cheap shots all the time. If this coach thinks you can trot out some kid who hasn’t seen anything like the SEC, he’s crazy. That goes for Noland as well. You have to get the ball off and out of your hands. But you have to be durable and take a bit of punishment.

So how many more are going to bail out when it becomes apparent that they will never see the field? I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2 QB’s leave. That’s why I wish that they could transfer without having to sit a year with a coaching change. Also, with this system they are gonna run, why wouldn’t you at least have a convo with the kid leaving Ohio State??? He’s got size and can run a dual offense.

He’s physically limited, not athletically. I stand by that. Very athletic and great feet, but he’s 5’10 also.

Johny Manziel is listed at 6’…bet he doesn’t make that with cleats on…“This League” did not do anything untoward to him…

I guarantee, like many on this board and even much more so, the coaches understand what no OL will do to any q.b of any size.

Noland is still in high school but already has good size. Posted not too long ago that he is 6’3 215 lbs. that’s a good athletic size with room to add a little more eight through the years.

Yes there will probably be several transfers. He didn’t recruit but 2 of the qbs that will be on the team, 3 technically counting Aune.

They may try to get a grad transfer, I’m sure they have thought about it, but they may not think it’s the best idea, they also have a scholarship number problem they are trying to resolve.

As much as you hate to believe it, they didn’t get the job because Jerry said so, they got it because they are very good and qualified coaches, they know what’s going on and what needs to happen.

Johnny Manziel had NFL caliber lineman 2 deep at every position at TAMU. Big difference. And he still got beat up.

I think the kid at Ohio State would be a great choice. 2 years eligibility left, good size, and looked great in their spring game. Noland is a pro style QB, and he’s really coming to play baseball.

And if anyone on this board thinks that Jerry or Stephen didn’t heavily influence the hiring of CM, you are mistaken.

Um…he’s on full scholarship