Can our offense find aggressiveness against TCU

Felt like we were timid during much of first game.

Austin seemed to be lacking confidence and swagger and it seems we missed our two large NFL running backs from last two seasons who were true leaders in the huddle.

Would love to see some swagger on offense against TCU.

I didn’t see Austin as timid. I did see him step up and make plays at times, especially when he stepped away from pressure and found Keon in the fourth quarter. I thought he was very good with the aggressive nature on the sprint left to find Cornelius for the touchdown. Tech played a single deep safety. And, with pass protection problems, there didn’t seem to be a desire to call plays that required long protection for a deep pass. As protection improves, and it will, there will be more deep passes called. Enos will throw it deep.

Thanks Clay. Would be nice to keep d honest by taking occasional shot downfield

I think Austin will be very good.

Would like to see some offensive swagger.

Hopefully it is coming Saturday.

More confidence in offense right now than our D

We can’t eat up clock and score and turn around and give it back in 2 minutes

Lots to improve on in Ft Worth lets get it done

One thing I’ve learned in the last couple of days is that Austin was very aggressive in changing plays to passes. As the game wore on and they knew they needed to run the ball, they took away some of the checks that he could use. That’s good coaching. Sometimes you just don’t want the play changed. Tech was in an eight-man front in the winning Arkansas drive. Still, coaches didn’t want Austin to check. As you saw, they handed to Rawleigh over and over to start that drive. You like the aggressive nature to check to a pass, as Austin did. But you also need to run it at times.

I’m sure they’ll work with him this week on those checks but we have to stay with a heavy dose of the run. Our line clearly run blocks better at this point and we need to impose physicality on the other team.

I was teasing an OU friend on Saturday that they looked like a finesse team. Well, we looked like a poorly executing finesse team most of the game.

I wonder how many of those slants we threw were checks.

I assumed the checks were part of it, but I still feel like they waited too long to emphasize the run. Very happy for everyone to be able to analyze and learn through a WIN and not a loss. Man would my week be more depressing if we wouldn’t have found a way to win.

As it stands now, I’m still sticking to my prediction of 5-0 going into Bama. I saw a lot of issues with TCU and A-n-M when watching their games.

Here is to 2-0 exactly how I would dream it up, but I’ll take it however we can get it.