Can ORU "run rule" OSU?

That would be ideal and get us started on time.

Don’t we wish.
I think the run rule only applies in conference tournaments.
May be wrong but NCAA plays til the last dog dies.

Nope, not in the NCAA tournament.

And now that OSU has scored four runs in the fifth, wasn’t gonna happen anyway. But no, there is no mercy rule in the NCAA. I remember in 2010 at our regional we beat Grambling 19-7 in the opener, hitting nine homers.

I want ORU to burn as many pitchers as possible tonight, anyway, in case we have to play them tomorrow.

At this point, it looks like a late start for us. I’m just being selfish, don’t want to stay up past midnight watching. Guess I’ll have to bring in my military and track and field training and persevere. Whoever loses tonight has a tough road tomorrow.