Can Morris Succeed if

He drops another game to Colorado State and finishes 3-9 (0-8).

I don’t think that would lead to his dismissal after the season.

My question is more about long term success. Will another abysmal season ( that would be three in a row) allow him to:

  1. Keep most of the key recruits on board and add more important pieces?

  2. Can the program remain viable from a support standpoint - tickets sold, etc.?

  3. If the answer to first question is yes, will fans remain patient enough to allow a rebuild to take its course?

I don’t know for sure, but I’m skeptical.Its not Chad’s fault in many ways, but I feel as though our fanbase has seriously eroded over the last few years ( look at the empty seats) and I don’t know if the patience is there to see a rebuild through on the part of most of the remaining fans.

It’s getting harder and harder for our coach and PTBs to sell the only thing they really have to sell - hope.

CCM has to show enough progress to be able to sell HOPE, in additional to PT, to these recruits. If he lays an egg this year (3 wins) then it’s really easy for opposing teams to cast doubt on his ability to coach.

I think if he loses to CSU, he’s gone. I think W Ky should be a more difficult game. If we lose to CSU, it’ll be for the same reason as last year, the team quit. If they quit, it’s solely on the staff and they need replaced.

The reason I thought Portland St and W KY were more dangerous than CSU is because PSU returned 17 starters and W KY returns 16. We returned 4 (all on defense). If I’m not mistaken CSU were also in the single digits (8 or 9). We shouldn’t lose (emphasis on shouldn’t).

Have you watched CSU this year? The QB is much better than the one that wore us out in 2018 and they have playmakers at RB and WR. Guys with very good speed.

Won easily yesterday against an FCS opponent and piled up almost 600 yards in total offense.

Lost to Colorado 52-31, but we’re undone by four turnovers. They actually out gained CU with over 500 yards in total offense.

They are better than Arkansas right now, unfortunately.

2. Can the program remain viable from a support standpoint - tickets sold, etc.?

That’s the one that may get him, even though it’s not entirely his fault. We started this season by literally giving away frew lower level tickets to season ticket holders. For free. That’s not a sustainable model for a major SEC program. And a lack of significant progress this year is only going to compound the financial problem and I suspect that would put every possible course of action on the table for HY.

The sun will rise tomorrow,and when it does, we will still be a bad team with not ready for prime team Offensive coaches. However, it does appear that these same guys are capable recruiters. That is why I will not participate in any fire the coaches movement. I am willing to suffer thru the 19 and 20 seasons so that at the very least we will have upgraded our talent level before we make another change.