Can Mike keep it rolling next year?

Next year’s starters will most probably be: Harris, Jones, Gafford, Bailey and Hall. Everyone gets high on incoming Freshmen and that is a good thing but unless they are knock them out of the park five stars with talent off the scale it is very hard to replace a kid that has been in the system already. I would like to put Garland in there as sixth man. Praying for the kid. The thing that bothers me with this line up is that we will be playing with two guards instead of the three guard line up that Mike really likes.

Hall and Bailey at the 3 and 4 are much quicker than most we have had at those positions. We may start only 2 traditional guards but I think Hall and Bailey are unique athletes and wingspans that provide something different.

I just saw him in the state championship game. Not as many as you have. So, yes my conclusion was based on just one game. I didn’t get that feeling. I guess I need to study him more.

See above Joe beat Steph Curry’s time in Steph Curry challenge. This supports your point.

Well, let’s see if we can keep it rolling this year first. His best effort so far is one win in the NCAA’s last year. That is not rolling…that is just getting it moving. We need to get into a Sweet 16 or win an SEC Title to make any noise. Finishing in the top 4-5 teams in the SEC, then folding in the NCAA’s will not get it. Mike knows he needs to get into the Sweet 16, at least, to have had a good year. Now, if we win the SEC or win the SEC tournament…that would be different. But I bet if you asked him…he would not be satisfied unless we make some noise in the NCAA’s…by noise, I mean at least 2 wins. He said as much in the KATV special a couple of weeks ago.

Response: conveniently we forget those contributing factors that addresses your various scenarios. For instance Portis leaving the program early at the end of his sophomore year, Qualls at the end of his junior year, and what about J Williams forced to transfer due to that funny money mess and a fight with his girlfriend (politics to much for Mike to overcome). Listen CRN use to say to the media you don’t know how hard it is to recruit outside of Arkansas’s borders, the perception factor is and still a valid concern for any UA coach. Regardless, of those challenges CRN experienced he still managed to keep the hawgs on national landscape to the extent they were considered one of the top programs of the nineties. CNR selected HOFs twice for his all of his labor, pundits says it will never happen again, Mike says that is a lie, we shall see in the seasons come. The die is cast as he navigate through the conference season and make a serious run deep in post season play will keep the program on the national landscape for years to come.

Response: I love their energy, but at the 4spot within the conference they give up size and length, I don’t see those guys playing the four much only when Mike is trying to play small